Nicole Richardson “Nikki Rich” TV Personality Will Be Walking the Runway for HiTechModa During New York Fashion Week!!

September 4, 2019


NEW YORK, NEW YORK - September 6 & 7, 2019-  The fashion industry and runway shows are ready for a much-needed makeover and hiTechMODA Season 2 is poised to give them a major overhaul.  With the touchpoints of diversity, sustainability and technology all combined into a platform that spans a groundbreaking two day, four show extravaganza ready the woman-centric organization is out to change the outdated dynamic of New York Fashion Week from exclusive to inclusive.  “We need to make these NYFW events relevant and entertaining, with an authentic edge that communicates and inspires across many disciplines,”  says Pamela Privette, Producer. “Fashion has proven to spark a paradigm shift inciting social change while working in tandem to communicate and move the needle from a much deeper level.” Says Catherine Schuller, Curator and Creative Director.   hiTechMODA believes in meaningful messages that move the participants on stage and in the audience to “get woke” and seek a new method of consumerism and manufacturing/production. Their ambitious undertaking with its underlying message of “Unity in Opportunity” will be the first sustainable fashion event taking place at the new National Geographic Encounter venue at 226 West 44th Street in the Theatre District steps off of Shubert Alley.   Each show is a different theme with opening night “conscious cocktails” at 6 pm on Friday September 6, 2019 with 7 pm as High and Haute Couture.  Russ Ronat will be featured doing live painting of extinct wildlife and vendors and sponsors mixing and mingling at the cocktail hour.  Then Saturday at 12 noon for Couture Kids, 4 pm is the ReGen Runway™ featuring sustainable brands and Saturday at 7 pm as the Premiere MOMENTUM show.  It’s a diverse and inclusive platform that embraces the ‘new woke’ thinking that will eradicate mindless consumerism and antiquated, toxic apparel production.  Fast fashion is over in the hiTechMODA camp being replaced by a more conscientious, artistic appreciation for craftsmanship in apparel creation and then consumption.  



Special guests on the red carpet and runway include:  Nikki Rich, television and radio personality whose celebrity interviews feature the likes of Tyler Perry, Snoop Dogg, Tina Knowles-Lawson, Chris Rock, Jermaine Jackson, Conan O’Brien to name a few.  She has become a media influencer with millions of followers on her The Nikki Rich Show.  Nikki is very excited to be gracing the runway during NYFW with hiTechMODA and JTL Designs segment during the ReGen Runway segment on Saturday Setember 7th at 4 pm.   JTL Designs is out of Philadelphia and making her debut on the catwalk and is thrilled to include Nikki Rich in her fashion. Julia Turner Lowe, designer of JTL says,  “Nikki represents the modern woman who loves fashion and isn’t afraid to stand out boldly in color and style with my power pieces that layer and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.”  Realizing a void in the market, this size diversity designer is making a statement with these versatile shape friendly, layering pieces that epitomize elegance, sophistication and no fuss, dramatic dressing.  Nikki is Oprah Winfrey’s Network Ambassador, media and press for Oprah’s Life You Want tour and #1 Amazon Best selling published author and speaker. 


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