DR. Denyse Ray Talks Surviving Work Place Trauma and More!!

July 3, 2019


After more than two decades as a clinical forensic first responder and private practice practitioner, dedicating her career to helping victims of natural disasters, school shootings, and terroristic attacks remove their emotional mask, Denyse Ray, PhD, BCETS, FAAETS, retooled her skills and now divides her time between training, and consulting writing and research.


In her consultant work, she regularly provides workshops and seminars. Dr. Ray has provided many social service agencies with in-depth direction and understanding as they acquire skills to better serve their communities. Her trauma curriculum continues to be utilized in schools of social work and her “Surviving Work Place Trauma “ training serves as a preventive resource in many work places throughout the United States.


She is the author of “The Pain Didn’t Start Here; Trauma and Violence in the African American Community”. Her current work Mirroring Images; Native Hawaiians Traumatic Journey, and Soul Murder; Emotional Execution scheduled for e–book release  in late spring of 2019.




UM: What initially motivated you to start a career in the social service field and helping others?


A dear friend of mine, who had broken through the corporate glass ceiling, was prominent in her church and community, lived in a mansion with a climate controlled room for her fur collection committed suicide. She left a 3 word note; “Nobody Heard Me”. I was given the assignment to listen and hear better, the quiet of one’s pain



UM: After more than two decades as a clinical forensic first responder and private practice practitioner helping victims of natural disasters, school shootings, and terroristic attacks why did you feel it was necessary to divide your time between training, and consulting writing and research?


Most specifically in the Black community, there was and is not enough factual data to assist my ultimate goal, which is to present cure. The research and subsequent data must be made available to fix the cause of all of the pain. We can no longer afford to mask all of the symptoms that exist; we must provide relief with cure.




UM: Tell us more about your  “Surviving Work Place Trauma “ training and how it may be utilized?


Surviving Workplace Trauma was developed in the early 2000’s after the rise of workplace shootings began to become the norm for solving work place harassment and abuse. I have presented this training nationally and around the world, including Dubai, Africa and Italy.


The training is designed to assist company’s better understanding, that fixing their harassment and abuse issues are much more than a compliance burden. That their employee’s lives are in their hands.

That 2 in 5 workers are attacked, threatened or harassed each year costing:

  • 15.5 billion in medical cost a year

  • 700,000 employees missing 1,750,00 days work a year

  • 46% increased stress levels

The modules cover information and solutions from Understanding Workplace Trauma, Bullying and ultimately Managing Workplace Trauma for Executives




UM: Has becoming an author help to catapult all of your other projects?


I can’t say that becoming an author helped catapult my other projects. What I can say is publishing my work became one of the many tools necessary to deliver the messages of Cure. The writings have benefitted many practitioners of other cultures who would otherwise be completely lost as to how to assist most specifically black folks in navigating this journey of care.



UM: Where can our readers go to keep up with your latest and follow your journey?

We are currently debating a reboot on our mental health tv show called “Not Just the Blues,” we’ll keep you posted on Instagram at @Drdenyseray 


Also the website www.traumaservicesassociates.net

Our next published work Soul Murderer:Emotional Execution is scheduled for release at the end of summer 2019.



 Wishing you continued success and thanks for chatting with Unrivaled Magazine!

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