Eddie Roberts Talks GAEMS Upcoming New Release The Guardian and Future Outlook of Gaming!!

May 10, 2019




The Guardian is here to take gaming to the next level!  GAEMS, the pioneers of gaming on the go, announced the all-new Guardian™ Pro XP, the premier Portable Gaming Environment for pro gamers, serious gamers and content creators delivering the ultimate in performance and portability for console AND for PC.


Check out the article below to find out why you should get your pre-orders in immediately!






UM: For those who may not know, please share with our audience what initially inspired you to get started in the gaming industry?


GAEMS was founded in 2010 by two hardcore gamers whose demanding travel schedule inspired them to create a portable solution to travel with their Xbox and PlayStation. Whether you’re a committed gamer who travels for a living, first year college student wanting an amazing setup for your dorm, or a member of the military, there is no better way to travel with your console gaming equipment.


UM: Tell us about your upcoming release of The Guardian? What can we expect, and when is the official release date?


The Guardian is the most sophisticated piece of hardware that GAEMS has ever created. We have gathered years of feedback about our flagship product, the Vanguard and used that information to create the ultimate portable gaming experience. We made our very first announcement about the Guardian in January of 2019 at the Consumer Electronics Show and just launched our pre order campaign on Indiegogo in mid-April. The campaign concludes mid June and the Guardian will be shipping in July.


UM: What sets The Guardian apart from other gaming accessories?


The Guardian not only provides the ultimate gaming experience but it is a serious tool for content creators and esports athletes. With a 24” 1440p display, GAEMS Dynamic Sound Stage, proprietary media center, accessory mounts and HDMI out, there is nothing on the market that is as powerful and functional as the Guardian.


UM: Do you see a partnership with any professional gamers in the works? Why or Why not?


We have some amazing relationships with not only professional gamers but also a ton of pro athletes in MLB, NBA, and NFL and some seriously talented musicians and comedians. We are also drawn to influencers who already use our product to enhance their gaming experience and use it to help tell their story and connect with their fans.


UM: What is your outtake on the gaming industry over the next few years?


This is an extremely exciting time for the gaming industry. We will be seeing some major announcements this year from Nintendo, Xbox, and Playstation about their next generation hardware and we cannot wait to see how our own newest products will enhance even the most advanced gaming consoles.


UM: Where can our audience go to keep up with the latest and stay up to date with everything?


Your audience can keep up with us on instagram, facebook, and twitter @GAEMS_pge, www.GAEMSpge.com, and our Indiegogo page https://igg.me/at/guardianperks/x/20631576 or simply search GAEMS on Indiegogo


 Awesome! Thank you so much for chatting with Unrivaled Magazine!




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