Vanity LYFE Owner Talks Overcoming Obstacles to Now Living Her Best LYFE!!

April 29, 2019




UM: For those who may not know, tell us what motivated you to start your own hair company?


After my first successful tax season I knew entrepreneurship was my deal! I was looking for another income. After doing thorough research I stumbled across selling hair extensions! I absolutely love the idea of working for myself. Although there have been mistakes along the way, I can’t imagine my LYFE without my company. The joy of helping others look and feel their best is even more rewarding! 



UM: What are some of the challenges you had to overcome while building your brand?


Some of the challenges faced at first was finding hair and products of high quality Thereafter, it was always my consistency. But the major challenge was getting my LYFE back! I became extremely ill, one surgery after the other. I was deathly ill and even my doctors weren’t hopeful. But my faith and tenacity helped me to over this challenge!! I’ve been overcoming it all ever since!


UM: Looking into the future, what are some of the goals for your hair company?


Looking into the future some of my goals are to add more products for a genre of people. We currently have a product line and it’s going incredibly well. Secondly for years now I have been working on perfecting a great product for medically necessary purposes, before the close of the year it will finally launch! Another goal is currently underway; which is a wholesale program it is one of the most economical I’ve seen thus far! Above all, desire is to educate individuals how to avoid many of the pitfalls that I’ve encountered and still become successful. 



UM: What 3 celebrities or beauty influence would you like to collaborate with in the near future and why?


3 beauty influencers I’d love to work with would be Ericka Dotson, Miko Branch and of course, Instagram Successe, Jessica Dupart! My reason for wanting to work with these ladies is because of their longevity, real life issues and ability to mastermind million dollar empires. I feel it’s not just about the money, but how to sustain and be consistent even in the midst of life altering situation while being in an over saturated market and still know your place! 



UM: What is is something that you learned while building your brand that you wish you knew in the very beginning.


Something I’ve learned that I wish I had known earlier in is the power of consistency! 


UM: Where can our readers go to keep up with the latest pertaining to your company or for service?


can always find us on our social media outlets and our website 
vanitylyfe1 Instagram and Facebook





Awesome! Thanks so much for chatting with Unrivaled Magazine!




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