Glow Beauty Group! Taking The Beauty Industry By Storm!

February 28, 2019





UM: Welcome! For our readers who may not know, tell us what inspired the creation of GLOW Beauty Group?


GLOW Beauty Group was created out of passion, especially to bring high quality and affordable hair care and skin care products to market, especially to people of color. We certainly believe our customers deserve to look their best and enjoy an amazing GLOW all the time without worrying about the price of the cosmetics they use. GLOW also was created as a means to address the social injustices within the United States and beyond, and in particular, homelessness. This is why proceeds from every order goes towards alleviating homelessness and poverty.


UM: What would you say makes your brand stand out from others in the beauty industry?


We are a minority-owned hair care and skin care company with a heart and soul. We are in business to create change and give back to the community in major ways. We just don’t talk the talk, but we walk the walk. We take every consumer’s needs and preferences into consideration, and offer a varied selection of products for men and women from all walks of life. We also prepare products that are suitable for all skin tones.


UM: Tell us about some of your top 3 most popular products?


Our top three products are our Hydrating Body Moisturizer, which is an amazing skin care product that one can use on their entire body including face! In fact, this product sold out completely on the first day we launched our website. The 2nd most popular product is our Mane Drops, which is our hair growth serum for men and women that gives you healthy, stronger, and longer hair within weeks if you use our product properly, and is made with all natural ingredients. Our third product, but definitely not least is our GLOW Maintainer with is our own version of edge control. This product has been buzzing on social media and everyone who purchased it absolutely loves it! It is not too oily and greasy also and works fantastic in conjunction with our GLOW Maintainer Brush. 



 UM: Looking into the future, what can we expect from Glow Beauty group over the next few years?


As a dynamic and progressive cosmetics company, we are looking forward to providing even better products at great prices for a greater number of customers. In addition to that, we are also aspiring to be able to contribute more for the welfare of the community by continuing to invest in poverty-stricken communities, particularly including the youth who are living in poverty.



UM: Who would you like to work with as a celebrity ambassador for your brand, and why?


If we had to pick one celebrity ambassador to work with, it would be Oprah Winfrey. Oprah’s drive and vision to live one’s best and most authentic life is like a breath of fresh air that everyone yearns for. Her story, coming from very humble beginnings to being a beloved household name is encouraging and shows us anything is possible with hard work, vision, faith, and believing in yourself. This aligns with our mission to the core and we are so excited to be on this amazing journey to change lives through hair care and skin care. 


UM: Where can our readers go to keep up with the latest and order products?


Readers can visit our website at to see our ever-growing collection and follow us on all social media platforms @glowbeautygroup. As a bonus for readers, if they enter the coupon code “UNRIVALED” at checkout, they will receive 10% off their entire order! 


Awesome! Thanks so much for chatting with Unrivaled Magazine!

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