Multi-platinum Artist New Cupid & Walmart Announce Their Walmart Shuffle Challenge!

September 12, 2018







Walmart & Walmart Radio DJs along with New Cupid are issuing an International VIRAL Dance Challenge to uplift Walmart shoppers. Help Spread The News!



With all of the chaotic headlines in the news it’s a great time to bring a little levity and joy back into our lives! New Cupid and Walmart intend to do just that by starting their Walmart Shuffle Challenge to uplift their shoppers! 

The Challenge is simple! Video yourself in your neighborhood Walmart’s across the US and Abroad doing this New Version of the Cupid Shuffle with a Twist and you might just see Walmart or Cupid repost it! Dance directions: right X 4, left X 4, rollback X 4, walk and turn 4 counts. JOIN IN!


When asked about partnering with Walmart Cupid says: “I’m incredibly happy to partner with such an amazing company for such a worthy cause! There’s no better feeling than to bring a smile to others faces with music and dance. We can all use a little more joy nowadays and I’m happy I’m able to do that with Walmart’s Shuffle Challenge.”


To set up an interview with Cupid please email:

Cupid’s website:




Take a look at the "Walmart Shuffle" Video below:
















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