Celebrity Barber “JayBee” Bivins Shares His Secrets To Success!

March 16, 2018


Chicago has been classified as an alpha world city for its worldwide economic and cultural influence. It is the largest city in the state of Illinois, the largest in the Midwest, and with a population of nearly 3 million people located almost entirely in Cook County, the “Windy City” is the third-most populous city in the United States.

With stats like this, one would expect nothing less when it comes to the world of high fashion and personal grooming which is where John “JayBee” Bivins comes in.  “JayBee” Bivins has become Chicago’s Premier Master Barber and Grooming Consultant to the stars. 


Over the span of the last 13 years, JayBee has had the opportunity to have his grooming tools grace the crowns of heads that most Barbers only dream of. As one of only a few Union Barbers in the state of Illinois, JayBee has served as the personal Barber to Grammy Award winning R&B singer R. Kelly, served as the Key Barber Consultant for BET news coverage during the 2008 Presidential Election as well as the Judge Mathis Television Show.  JayBee also provided barbering services during several press junkets including Dave E. Talbert’s “First Sunday”, “Brooklyn's Finest” with Wesley Snipes, “Of Boys and Men,” starring Angela Basset and Robert Townsend and more recently, Michael Bay’s, “Transformers 3,” starring Shia LaBeouf. 


In addition to his stage and film credits, JayBee has served as the official Team Barber for the NFL’s Chicago Bears franchise since 2006. 

Throughout the years, JayBee has added numerous credits to his accomplished career which include: HBO, BET, VH1, ESPN, several comedy tours and countless television commercials. 


UM: Wecome JayBee! Tell everyone a little bit about your background, and how did you get your start as a very successful celebrity barber? 


 I'm John "JayBee" Bivins.  I am a Professional Barber and Entrepreneur. My original background is in retail/restaurant management. I ran top volume full service restaurants and Footlocker shoe stores in Chicago before I branched out due to needing a career and life change. I decided to become a professional barber, and my own boss using all the professional management training that I had in owning and operating 2 barber salon locations in Chicago for 10 years.



UM: What would you say are some of they key components that may have contributed to your success?


I would say consistent hard work and a consistent commitment to growth, development and professionalism.


UM: What would you say is the most rewarding aspect of your career and why?


One of the most rewarding aspects of my career is owning/operating my business and watching it grow as I learned on the job, being very influential in developing others in being professional barbers, as well and seeing my hard work payoff by seeing my work on the Tv and big screen any/everyday of a week. 



UM: Do you have any specific advice for someone that is looking to follow a similar career path as yours? 


Yes, my advice would be to adopt the words hard work, consistency and professionalism. Live it and apply them to your life and career. You will definitely be successful should you do so.



UM: Who are some of the well-known clients that you have been blessed to work with over the years?




5. Some of the most notable clients that have definitely helped shape my career from the beginning to now are Ronreaco Lee, R. Kelly, Judge Mathis, and Robert Townsend. I had these 4 to start my career in TV, video, theatre, and film starting in 2006 until now.  I was thrown into the fire with the best from day 1. 




UM: How different is it working with celebrity clients vs non celebrity clients? 


The difference in working with each to me can be timeline and work/project sensitivity, as well as the expectations from Celebrity and non celebrity clients. ‎And oh definitely the paycheck. Lol




UM: Where can everyone go to keep up with all of your latest? Social media/ website etc?


Website: www.celebritybarberjaybee.com

Instagram- @jaybeebivins

Snapchat- @jaybeebivins

Facebook Fan Page- celebritybarberconsultantjaybee





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