Business Spotlight: Sherie Thomas “Medical Money Maker”

February 24, 2018


UM: Tell everyone a little bit about your background, and how did you get started in the healthcare field?



I started my journey in medical coding started at Farmer, Cheatem & Tate, Attorneys at Law in my hometown of Bogalusa, LA . The second employer of my career was Louisiana Medicare, it was a true blessing the organization provided me the opportunity of employment.  During my employment, I obtained my initial designation as a certified professional coder and limitless knowledge and experience.  I became the FIRST certified professional coder at Louisiana Medicare.  At 22 years old, I stepped out on faith leaving a full-time job and became an entrepreneur.  As I continued to grow in my faith and career, I understood Matthew 22:14.  I have been chosen to assist others.  I started Louisiana Healthcare Institute because multiple coders were being denied jobs due to their lack of adequate training.  It was only fitting for me to allow God to use me to be a blessing to others.



UM: What motivated you to open Louisiana Healthcare Institute?


Due to the opportunities provided to me and my career, Louisiana Healthcare Institute was founded to provide others the opportunity for advancement in the healthcare career.  We are not only a medical billing and coding training college, but an organization to assist train and educate any individuals to become medical money makers. Louisiana Healthcare Institute provides a step by step guide to opening a private practice and/or facility, credentialing, contracting and coding.





UM: What makes Louisiana Health Care Institute unique?


We are unique because are the ONLY federally registered apprenticeship in medical billing, coding and compliance that allows individuals the opportunity to receive both education and hands on training in the United States



UM: Did you go the traditional route in securing funding to start your business, such as Small Business Loans? Tell us a little bit about the process?


I have been extremely blessed with the favor of God to not obtain any loans or financial support from anyone.   



UM: What advice do you have for someone that is looking to start their own business in the healthcare industry? 


My advice to others is to put God first, love your family and friends, work hard and remember to be a blessing others.


UM: Do you have any upcoming projects or events that everyone should be on the lookout for?


Louisiana Healthcare Institute will be launch mini coding and credentialing camps throughout the upcoming year.  We will be training and coaching individuals and organizations world-wide the art of becoming a medical money maker!



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