Business Spotlight: Dannielle S. Lewis “Bankable Diva”

February 2, 2018




This week’s Business Spotlight feature is Dannielle S. Lewis “Bankable Diva” is a wife, mother, and a Kingdom Building serial entrepreneur. She is the owner of Bankable Diva Ent., where she specializes in coaching women through the steps of taking their current income, ideas, hobbies, and stagnant businesses and turning them in to bankable businesses; while learning to budget better and build generational wealth. She has coached and empowered many women through her sessions, speeches, and published book “The Business Source, Guide for the New Business Woman”. Her pure knowledge of business comes directly from Southern University A&M College and her experience of 13 years in the entrepreneurial industry. She is always quoting “There are two things that happen in Business… 1. Meltdowns will come and 2. It will always be worth it.” Her mission is to empower women to build the life the never want to take a break from.  






1)UM: Welcome Dannielle! Let’s start off with you telling us a little bit about your new book “The Business Source, Guide for the New Business Woman?”


Well, The Business Source is a true resource guide for women of all ages, who are looking to join in the womenpreneur movement. It’s essential information that’s needed for startups or just for that woman who has an idea but doesn’t know how to get started. It focuses on personal evaluations, industry/competition/customer research, branding, finding your perfect dream team, and much more...


2)UM: Where did the inspiration to write this amazing book come from?


I read an alarming statistic about women in business that stated there are 219,000 businesses started every month by women and 80% of those businesses fail within the first 18 months. Then I began to think about my journey as an entrepreneur and realized I once was that woman who had several businesses fail. It wasn’t because I wasn’t talented enough or my idea wasn’t good enough. I failed because I didn’t have a step by step system to help me start up and get to the growth phase. I then began writing the things I wish I would have know in the beginning phases of my entrepreneurial journey.


3)UM: What has been some of your greatest challenges as a serial entrepreneur?


Being able to balance work and life. I enjoy being super-mom, super-businesswoman, and super-wife. OMG, it’s so tiring sometimes. I’m learning to be better at it, and schedule things. I am also starting to tie both together, so one doesn’t feel more overwhelming than the other. I tend to bring my kids and husband to my events, so I can spend more time with them and they can see me in action.


4)UM: What advice do you have for women that are thinking about taking a leap of faith to start a business?


Always keep a positive mindset and pray constantly… I can tell you secrets for sales, finance, and other business things. However, it’s most important for you to stay positive and have a persistent prayer life. There will be times you may want to punch a hole in the wall, and then there will be times you will pop a bottle of champagne. Either way always stay in a positive state of mind and know He’s heading your journey. You just relax, DO THE WORK, but let him connect the dots.


5)UM: What do you think it was that you did differently from others, that has played a major role in your success today?


I stayed the course but adjusted the route …. A lot of business owners tend to give up when it gets hard. I get the reason for doing so because it can be a lot to deal with, but instead of giving up find another route to finish the course. That’s honestly what I always did and still do. When doors wouldn’t open for me, I kept my focus on the ultimate goal, but adjusted how I was going to get there.


Right now, I can truly say it’s definitely working.


6)UM: Do you have any upcoming events or projects that you would like us to be on the lookout for?


Yes, I have quite a few things coming up… I have a 5-city book tour beginning the last week of February (New Orleans and Baton Rouge, La. Jackson, Ms Atlanta, Ga. Dallas, Tx.) Keep an eye out for the Boss and Brunch Tour, and the Money Moves Workshops. Always look at my events tab on my website for any in between events.


7)UM: Where could our audience go to keep up with the latest endeavors or to purchase your book?


You can definitely follow me on social media:

Instagram: @bankable_diva

Facebook: @bankabledivas

Twitter: @bankablediva


Youtube: Bankable Diva Channel


To purchase a book just type in:





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