Don't Call It A Come Back! Chrystale Wilson Discusses Upcoming Docuseries From The Bottom Up & More!!

January 15, 2016



Chrystale Wilson knows the true meaning of using what you got, to get what you want, and it's not what many of you are thinking! It's her talents, intelligence, and connections. In the entertainment business it’s not always who you know, but also who knows you! The industry can be very cut throat, and it takes alot of tenacity to have longevity and success in this business. Chrystale has done just that. Although she has remained pretty low-key in comparison to a couple of her counterparts, she has been very busy over the years. Working on projects such as Trois,  A Baby For Christmas, Creed, and also her book Sexipes. We are very delighted that Chrystale will be sharing her personal story on the upcoming docuseries From The Bottom Up, set to premier Saturday January 16th on Centric Tv!


UM:  Welcome Chrystale! Are you excited about your upcoming docuseries From The Bottom Up?


CW:  I am very excited! I want everyone to know just how excited I am. I wish I could find another word to describe how I feel.  “I am juiced up” lol. It is going to make a lot of people look at themselves. It will be a shocker.


UM: That sounds very interesting! Tell us a little bit more about the show, and what can we expect to see from yourself and your other cast mates?

CW: Authenticity, just bearing our souls in alot of ways. It will be like Iyanla Vanzant were to come onto The Housewives Show. We are just trying to support each other. It will be very heartfelt and honest.


UM: What made you decide to share your personal story with the world by doing this docuseries?


CW: The creator of the show Nicci Gilbert is a really dear friend of mine , and we’ve always said that we would do something big together. I keep so many secrets. I am the confidant. I never discuss anyone else’s business, but when you’re that person you don’t have anyone who you could trust. You pretty much suffer in silence. I was apprehensive at first, but Nicci said “I could see you being a mentor, if you show that side of you it could help so many people.” You never know what people are really going through. Especially in the world of social media, people paint the perfect pictures.



UM: Now for those who may not follow the entertainment industry closely, please inform everyone just how busy you have been over the years since The Players Club.


CW: I’ve always had a passion for the entertainment industry since a little girl. My mom asked what do you want to do when you grow up? I said I was going to have a husband, be a singer, an actress, and have a helicopter lol. I was one of the first independent writers to do a Union film in the state of Georgia. I saw Master. P producing a lot of independent projects, I said Ughhh Nah Na Nah Na I can do that too lol! I do alot of behind scenes. I have worked on quite a few projects. One of my most recent projects was working in production with the movie Creed. That was truly an amazing experience. It’s just that I’ve always been very private and not wanting my business out there.


UM: Speaking of The Players Club, do you mind that many people will always refer to you as Ronnie, and has it been hard to cross over into other types of roles since portraying this sexy villain?  


CW: I don’t mind at all. Al Pacino made a statement saying that they will always remember the star and the villain. I will be remembered for doing an awesome job with that role! It has been absolutely hard to cross over into roles. Not only because of Ronnie. It is a strange game. I was the only one from Atlanta that was casted in that movie. Many doubted my ability. They even said I was a stripper when I was really working at an attorney’s office at that time. I audition and earned the role.


UM What advice do you have for anyone looking to break into the entertainment industry?


CW: It is hard to answer that question because I am still on the path of recovery and reinvention. I will say this though, never ever give up and don’t get caught up. We lost so many talented people because we didn’t realize their struggles until they were gone. They just got caught up.


UM:  Now what’s next for Chrystal Wilson? Do you have any other upcoming projects that we should be on the lookout for?


CW: Of course I have my book Sexipeies.  I’m now in process of writing of my next book Poet Pallet, and launching a seasoning line with different spices!


UM: Where can everyone go to keep up with all your latest projects?


CW: Website:


Instagram: @chrystaletheprototype

Twitter: Chrystalepro

I will launch my periscope at the viewing party!


Thanks for your time Chrystale! We wish you the best with everything! We’ll definitely be turned in to From The Bottom Up!


Photos: @chrystaletheprototype




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