Jennifer Lee-Harrison Talks Growing the Perfect Hair Collection Empire !!

September 1, 2016

The PH Collection brand is the vision of CEO Jennifer Lee-Harrison, a strategic marketing professional with a passion for people and a vision to deliver the highest quality products and customer service.


Jennifer has invested 15 years of her career in several demanding industries – Fashion, Hospitality and Telecom. She’s had the privilege to launch and manage successful marketing initiatives for well-known lifestyle fashion brands such as Sweetface Fashions by Jennifer Lopez and Tommy Hilfiger. These lifestyle brands developed and shaped Jennifer’s strategic business approach.


Although Jennifer’s professional experience was critical to her professional development, nothing could have been a more rigorous training platform other than her recent completion of her MBA at Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland, College Park. Immediately after successfully earning her MBA, Jennifer started to develop a strategic brand development and marketing plan for PH Collection. 



UM: Welcome Jennifer! It’s great to catch up with you again. Let’s get started with you telling everyone a little bit about your background in business, and what made you want to start your own hair company? 


JLH: I have just over 18 years of Brand Development and Marketing experience within the Corporate sector. After attending grad school, I decided to take all of my brand development experience to create a brand that represented ME! On my exit out of corporate America, I sat down with Steve Harvey (the personality I managed for the brand I worked for at the time) to let him know I was resigning from my Executive role to pursue my dreams. He inquired more into what that meant, after explaining in grueling detail about my hair business. He stated, how about we partner in the hair business together? Not wanting to seem to excited but that is when my business dreams changed to a fantasy…it was nothing I expected or was asking for when I met with Steve. I was only there to let him know I wouldn’t be his point of contact moving forward. WHAT a WOW moment. 


UM: Tell us more about your partnership with Steve Harvey? 


JLH: In 2012, we fused my brand development skills with Steve Harvey Media machine to launch Perfect Hair Collection. Steve Harvey and I are determined to build a multi-million-dollar brand that provides the highest of quality with affordable prices BUT most important with textures that match multi-cultural women’s hair types. We are on the right track to making that happen. In fact, we grossed 7-figures in the first year of business. 


UM: There are many different hair companies out today, why do you think your company stands out in such a highly competitive market? 


JLH: Yes, I totally agree. There is market confusion as to what’s the best hair extensions. So we have intentionally focused on Brazilian hair extension until we recently found that Filipino hair textures are just as consistent and it has a higher quality of hair than all textures we have tested. 


We look for high density because it’s the strongest quality of hair to handle longer term wear and tear. 


UM: What’s are some of the most important things a customer should look for when purchasing hair extensions? 


JLH: 1. TIP 1 - I have a pet peeve about hair texture, so I will always suggest that you select hair textures that match your natural hair. If you want hair texture that doesn’t match, then use a closure or go with a wig. 


2. TIP 2 - Your hair should be a compliment to your personality…So don’t go with trend go what looks best on you! That means your hairstyle, hair 

texture and hair color should UPGRADE you! 


3. TIP 3 – If you want to color your hair, do not select hair that has already been colored. Be sure to purchase unprocessed hair to achieve the best results when dying hair extensions. 


4. TIP 4 – Make sure the hair is dense to the ends; buying hair that you have to trim 2-3 inches off because you can see straight through it is a waste of money! 


UM: Out of the different types of hair and products your company offers, which would you say are the most popular and why? 


JLH: PHC customers love.


1. Brazilian Loose Wave – it has amazing bounce, is very flexible and can be worn curly or sleek straight. 


2. Brazilian Yaki Straight – This texture blends perfectly with women whose hair is medium coarse and prefer to wear their hair straight. It’s amazing and looks SO natural. 


3. Filipino Ocean Wave – Hands the best hair we offer. 


UM: What tips do you have for branding any business successfully? 


JLH: 1. Consistency – Develop your brand essence, which means color, font type, how you describe your brand should remain consistent. You can never build brand awareness if you are changing core elements of your business too often. 


2. Price properly – Price wars never work. So price your product or service to align properly with what your product/service offers. However, evaluate your competitor prices to ensure you are aligning with the market. 


3. Be flexible and balanced – never be so committed to an idea that you can’t hear your customers telling you things that need to change. Listen to your customers and adjust your brand accordingly…BUT not hasty with CHANGES! 


UM: Do you have new product releases or upcoming events that we should be on the lookout for? 


JLH: Perfect Hair Collection’s Newest Release is our Filipino Hair Extension Line. We feel very strongly that this texture will change the game. Additionally, we are expanding our Distributor and Consultant program. We really want to build a program that will strengthen entrepreneurial minded professionals to come on this amazing journey to capture market share. Lastly, we are partnering with salon owners to host POP UP SHOP shopping experiences in major markets. Salons will invite their customers and PHC will create the party experience for shopping and networking. We are super excited about this Tour that will officially launch in the Fall.



UM: Where can everyone go to keep up with your latest? 


JLH: I am the exclusive hair and beauty expert featured on Steve Harvey nationally syndicated radio show - several times a month; Plus, with the success on the radio show it has opened the door to the upcoming Fall season to be present more often on the Steve Harvey TV Talk Show! I will focus on providing women with tips on how to be their better selves by enhancing their look head to toe… I AM THE DO IT YOURSELF QUEEN! Of course, you can keep up with Perfect Hair Collection on social media. 


Facebook: Perfect Hair Collection 

Twitter: Perfect Hair 

Instagram: Perfect Hair Collection 


Be sure to check out full interview in the upcoming printed September issue of Unrivaled Magazine!


Photo by - Robert Ector


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