Hair/Beauty: Meet Ramona Patterson

December 4, 2015




Ramona Patterson is the complete beauty package. Patterson is a licensed nail technician, hair stylist, and makeup artist with an eye for glam and great ears for her clients. Ramona has traveled to many states showcasing her many talents, teaching classes at such at events as Bronner Brothers Hair Show and beauty expos,  leaving a lasting impression on those she has encountered. She recently launched her Mo Unlimited nail care line which includes  a liquid, powder, and cuticle oil.


Patterson started her career as nail technician at Molar Beauty College in New Orleans, LA.  She later went on to further grow her potential at Southwest Mississippi Community College in Summit, MS. After finishing school, she joined a local beauty salon in her hometown in McComb, MS.  


Inspired by the latest trends for hair and nails, her philosophy is “I EMBRACE CHANGE”, and you will notice that with her hair and makeup. It’s an ever changing style. Her personality is one of her greatest qualities. That is one of many reasons why her clients continue to come back to her chair. Patterson is very passionate about people and doing hair, so nails and makeup just complete the package of making people feel good about their appearance.


In her community, Patterson serves as a role model for young people mainly young ladies because she loves little girls.. Since her own loving daughter  is basically grown, she helps young girls that live in her community near her church by picking them up for church on Sunday, treating them out sometimes, and styling young girls hair without a price if they are in need. Ramona is a the director  of the Hospitality Committee and youth leader at her church Kelly Missionary Baptist Church


UM: How did you get your start in the hair and beauty industry?

I started out doing my hair at an early age, because it was very interesting to me, and I enjoyed doing it, so I sought out to practice on others. I have a younger sister and a cousin that didn't mind letting me play in their hair. I realized I actually had talent, so I went to cosmetology school.


UM: What do you find most rewarding about your profession?

The thing that I find the most rewarding about my profession is that I get to see people come in one way and walk out with the fiercest attitude. Seeing women looking beautiful and openly knowing that they look good, because I did their hair, is wonderful. I think it is empowering. I know many other stylists can relate. Seeing everyone accomplish their goals in this industry is something that is rewarding as well.   


UM: Tell us a little bit about your brand the Mo Unlimited nail care line, and what does it include? 

Mo Unlimited, is a beauty brand. Our product line includes a natural powder, a clear powder, a liquid, and cuticle oil. It's an accomplishment for me to have this line and I'm very proud of it and blessed to have it.        


UM: What do you feel sets your brand apart from others?

It's one thing that sets my brand apart from others, and that's the commitment I have of continuing to keep improving, advancing, and educating myself to do better with my line. I am not the type of person who has the attitude that I am better than everyone. My attitude is more on the side of I can accomplish anything, and I will show that to people. My tag line is “Never limit your beauty”. I never want anyone to limit themselves.



UM: What do you enjoy doing in your spare time outside of the hair and beauty industry?

In my spare time, I love to spend time with my daughter Monecia. She is my best friend and the reason I work so hard to try to be the best. I also mentor young kids encouraging them to never limit themselves. I'm also very active at my church, Kelly Missionary Baptist Church; I'm over the pastor’s aid committee and the youth. I also sing in the choir, and help out in the kitchen.  I also love spending time with my friends and family.


UM: Do you have any upcoming projects in the works?

Dec. 5th I will be representing Mo Unlimited  by taking part in McComb’s  local Christmas Parade. Dec 6-7th, I will be in Birmingham, AL for Kevin Kirk Jam Session. Dec 12th, I will be donating my service at the Annual Scholarship Ball, making young women look fabulous. Dec 21st, I will be hosting my annual event, Hope For The Holidays, which will be a dinner and toy giveaway.  Jan 24th, I will be in Mobile, AL for the Tour Hair Expo . Feb 20th, I will be representing Mo-Unlimited brand by Teaching a nail class at Bronner Brother Hair Show ,in Atlanta GA .


UM: Where can everyone go to keep up with your latest endeavors?

You can reach me on you can follow me on IG @mo_unlimited23 Facebook Mounlimited, or Twitter @Mounlimited23.

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