Fashion: Welcome Priyanka! It’s a great pleasure to have you!

June 28, 2015



UM: Many of us remember you as one of the most vivacious and outspoken cast members of VH1’s “Sorority Sisters.” Did we see the real Priyanka, or was all the personality more so for TV?

PB: As far as personality, that was the real Priyanka. Although edits made situations look very catty and childish, I am a loyal friend and an outspoken person not catering to society or their beliefs. I have always been comfortable in my own skin never looking for validation from others.


UM:  How was the over all experience with the show, and having to deal with all of the backlash?

PB: The backlash was new to me, especially coming from my sorority. Although I have dealt with scrutiny in the past I have never dealt with it to this severity of death threats.


 UM:  What’s the latest update on your affiliation with the Delta Sigma organization?

PB:  No official updates, but I believe that everything will turn around for the good.


UM:  You are definitely an individual, and were made to stand out. We absolutely love the hair, who’s apart of your glam squad?

PB:  Asisa Lakitty and Dayvid Wilson are my official make up artist and hair stylist.


UM:  Let’s get into your new shoe line. Tell us a little bit about it and what inspired you to create this type of shoe line?

PB:  Standing 5’9 and wearing a size 11 shoe, it was hard for me to find shoes in my size. So when the show was pitched to me I took the opportunity and ran with it. Even though I had long thoughts about the shoeline before the show came along, I thought that the exposure would be the right timing to pitch the shoe idea.


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