Entertainment: Unrivaled Magazine's Exclusive Interview With Actress/Director Denise Boutte!

June 25, 2015


UM:  Welcome Denise! It is such a great pleasure, how are you?


DB:  I’m doing great, I just came back from my little daily walk.


UM: Fantastic, well let’s jump right into the interview. For those who may not be familiar, please share a little bit about how you got your big break in the entertainment industry?


DB:  Ok I will try to make this story as short as possible lol. As many of you may know I am from Maurice, Louisiana. I went to LSU, and got a degree in communications. I then moved to Dallas, Tx where I worked in advertising, and basically it all began when several of my clients asked me to fill in to do the work that we had hired other talent to do. The first occasion was when I was standing in for someone to pose with their dog for a dog food campaign. I was like omg please no, but my boss was like whatever the client wants that’s what you do. The next occasion it happened with the Pampers brand. It just kind of kept happening and opportunities just kept presenting themselves. The last place I worked at was with Fossil, I was on the interactive side. I ended up having to model a couple of pieces throughout the store and was later called by a local talent agent. It was like destiny lol, not like I was back home in Maurice saying I am going to be on this show or that show one day!


UM: So as a child, you never envisioned that you would be an actress, producer, director, or anything of that nature?


DB? No, that was not even a part of my psyche coming from a small town in Louisiana.  I was only the third person in my family that had to opportunity to go to college and get a degree. I wanted to do something that was very practical at the time to get out of Maurice and do bigger things. I actually thought I was going to be a doctor, a couple years into it I was like this is so not going to happen lol. It is funny when I think about it because I didn’t want to be a doctor for any specific reason other than the fact that when parents start talking about their kids and saying their kids were successful, what were they? Either a doctor or a lawyer lol So, I was like ok pick one! I ended up going with communications due to the different exposures once I got to LSU, and what it was they were doing. 


UM: Well it definitely all worked out! Next we have a kind of fun question for you! Out of all the characters that you have had the chance to portray, which one would you say was your favorite?


DB: Whenever you’re doing a character, you often have to tap into something within yourself to kind of bring some reality to that character. There has to be some kind of connection, but personally I always say that I kind of enjoy playing the bad girl because there are really no consequences. You can just go and steal somebody’s husband or something, then go home to your nice home and family without any repercussions lol! It’s just fun to be something different from yourself. However, I would say that I had the best time filming the role of “Sasha” she was pretty close to Denise. She was quirkier and a little more neurotic! Working on the set for such a long time, myself and the other cast members became like a real family.


UM: What would be your dream role?


DB: Now my dream role, I have not yet portrayed. I always say I want to play some chick that is going to kick butt! I want to tone up, get muscled down, and get the six-pack to kick some serious butt lol! I want to be a super hero or like an Angelina Jolie assassin with guns blazing and all that stuff!


UM: We say go for it! The fans will definitely love it and we will cheering you on lol! Now let’s talk about your latest film release For The Love of Ruth, which was more on the dramatic side and allowed you to tap deep into your emotions. How was that overall experience?


DB:  It was amazing, just working with the caliber of talent on set betweenGary Dourdan, LorettaDevine, andJames Pickens Jr. These were all people who I watched when I didn’t even have any conception of being an actress. To be able to just create right on side of them was literally a dream come true. This is what I often find, a lot of times when you are working with that level of talent, they are the most humble and down to earth human beings ever. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment, and it was the first time that I had worked with TV One. They did one heck of job promoting, and the film came out about a month after the last scene was completed. So, it all moved very fast.


UM:  All great stuff! Now do you have any other upcoming films or projects that we should be on the lookout for?


DB: Well there are two. One of them is called The Bounce Back. In that one I star along withShemar Moore. I actually play his ex wife in the movie and we have a daughter together. It was really cool because Shemar is always the sexy guy, the hot guy, but this was the first time he got the opportunity to play a father. The other film is The Choir Director, and this one is by Carl Weber. He is a New York Times Best Seller. For this one I guess I am going back to my bad girl roots because I play a character named Simone, and she is not a person you want in your congregation lol!


UM: Both of these sound really interesting, and we will be looking forward to their release. Now we have done a little bit of research and found out that you have a cooking show called Denise’s Dish! How did this idea come about and where do you see your show going within the next couple of years?


DB:  Well in Louisiana you know that cooking is apart of who we are, so when I first moved to Dallas I was so homesick. The only way I able to have that connection to home was to get on the phone with my momma and ask how to make certain dishes. One of the first things I asked her was how to make a “Roux” so that conversation was like twenty minutes about the different types of “Roux” and how light or dark I need to get it. So she was like “Baby to make a light “Roux” you put you a jar of Jif Peanut Butter on the side the pot, now to make a dark “Roux” you put your arm on the side on side the pot” It was so funny, but it worked lol! I remember those conversations and just fell in love with cooking. My mother, my maw maw, and everybody cooked, so I didn’t have a need other than stirring pots so the food wouldn’t burn. However, when I left home cooking filled that void. Denise’s Dish came about because I was watching the food network and I could not find a southern chick that was authentically from the south. On the Youtube channel you will find a video on there with New Cupid, who started the whole CuRobics movement. We knew each other from working at The Gap together a long time ago, so he presented the idea of taking traditional southern recipes and making them healthier. For example, instead of using a stick of butter, use a little olive oil instead. I basically wanted to show everyone a southern girl that really threw down in the kitchen. Over the holidays I actually shot on location in Lafayette, LA. So now we’re actually putting together presentations to see about getting Denise’s Dish on Television. I also have a cookbook with those traditional family recipes that I am working on right now with some seasoning blends. My bother who lives in Houston and I are actually working on this. You will also find out about the famous Nanny Resa’s smothered okra in the cookbook!


Wow! That is so amazing definitely let us know when the book comes out! We would like to take the time and thank you for chatting with Unrivaled Magazine. We wish you continue success! Before you go please let everyone know where they can go to keep up with all your current and future projects?


DB: I want to say thanks to the home team for continued support, it really means a lot. I have my website and social media listed below.


Website: http://www.denisejboutte.com/index.html

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/denise.boutte.75

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Denise-Boutte/478343662220042

Instagram: @Denise_Boutte

Twitter: @Denise_Boutte




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