Entertainment: Ciara Debuts The Music Video For Hit Single "I Bet"

March 11, 2015

 Today singerCiara released her highly anticipated music video for her new hit single “I Bet.” The song caused quit a stir when it was released due to strong speculations that many of the lyrics were taking shots at rapper Future, who happens to be Ciara’s ex fiancé and father of her son. Here are some of the juicy lyrics, you be the judge. “You and me Fashion Week in Paris, I put you on to that new” and “Is that your bitch over there giving me the ugly stare, the one with the silicone ass, and the Brazilian hair?” Definitely sounds like shots were fired and we love it!


There has been a great out pour of support from Ciara’s fans. They seem to be thrilled that she’s back with new music and new moves! We think it is great that she has channeled her heartbreak and pain into such creativity. Did we mention that she also looks absolutely amazing? She has to be the sexiest ballerina that we've ever seen. Go ahead and check out her new music video “I Bet” for yourselves! “






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