Lifestyle: Releasing Your Inner Boss!

March 8, 2015

 For some, working for others to help build their empire and cultivate their dream is ideal. American society has set the notion that if we secure a good job in corporate America, we are well on our way. For others such as myself and Editor-in-Chief/Publisher Robin Charles-Living of Unrivaled Magazine,the goal to work for ourselves in pursuit of our passion is what fuels creativity and productivity.




If becoming an entrepreneur is on your 'To-Do' list, here's a few tips that will help you be well on your way.


1.   Clearly define your vision.

·       What exactly is it that you're trying to sell? It doesn't have to be a tangible product. It can be an idea, a service, etc. Make sure that this is clear for you before trying to market to investors or  consumers. There's nothing worse than not being able to clearly 'pitch' your idea to others.


2.   Put the vision on paper.

·       Brainstorm, then use this compilation of data to form the first draft of your formal business plan. In project management, we would refer to this document as the project charter which includes everything from prices, time involved, and individuals responsible or accountable. The project charter leaves no room for question, as every aspect is clearly defined.

·       *Tip: Not sure how to begin your plan? No worries! provides free online resources, consultation, and templates to get you started.


3.   Study your industry.

·       As an entrepreneur, you'll serve as the face of your brand and more than likely be responsible for your company marketing. Be good, better yet, GREAT at it. Educate yourself on it, and always embrace opportunities to learn. No one should be able to better pitch your idea than you.

·       If there is someone out there already in your industry, learn from them. Study what is going right for them and learn from their mistakes. There's no reason to make the same mistakes in your endeavor if it's already been done.  Don't try to reinvent the wheel here unless your product/service is completely new to the market.


I hope you've enjoyed the first series of "Releasing Your Inner Boss." Stay tuned as we'll be bringing more your way in the weeks to come.


Have an idea that you'd like us to write about, email me at I'd love to hear from you!


--Chalice Ebow

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