Fashion: GI Empire Media: PR Mogul Elvira Guzman Talks About Her Dress Line and More!

February 28, 2015




Elvie G Dresses is the perfect dress for any occasion. A dress with such versatility and fashion sense can fit in to anyone’s wardrobe. Elvira Guzman, successful entrepreneur and creator of Elvie G Dresses got the inspiration for this line through her own journey. Ms Guzman started working in the industry when she was 18 years old. She immediately began working under actor and comedian Steve Harvey. All of the women in his office were expensively dressed and Elvira was not at a position in her life to buy the purses, shoes, dresses they could afford. 


She created this line so that every girl, women intern, executive can afford to look good, feel good and be the best them they can be. Elvira Guzman dedicates time visiting local juvenile halls to speak to the girls and give them hope and inspiration. 


Every time someone purchases an entire collection of Elvie G Dresses one dress is donated to a girl who is being released from juvenile hall so that she can now leave feeling good about herself.


UHC: For those who may not know, tell us how did you get your start in the entertainment industry?


EG: I started as an intern for 100.3 The Beat in Los Angeles and I worked under Kesha Monk. Three months later Steve Harvey took notice in my work ethic and offered me a position at his production company Nu-Opp Inc.



UHC: What do you find most rewarding about what you do?


EG: Teaching others the road that I’ve already walked with other clients. To them it’s scary because they cannot see past their nose, but because I’ve gone down the road before I am able to hold their hand and lead them down the path with confidence and tenacity; and am able to experience their CAREER HIGHS with them.



UHC: So you have helped many celebrities launch successful campaigns and brands, was it any different launching your own?


EG: Yes, extremely different because I am not a celebrity and I do not have an existing fan base that I can tap into. It’s taken a little longer but my plans never fail and I’m confident that my brand in general will end up grossing more than any of my clients combined. I’ve really put a lot of energy into several projects that hopefully in 10 years will materialize nicely for me and my family. Shoes, glasses, bags all will follow to continue to grow the brand via our distribution channels.



UHC: Tell us about the brand Elvie G Dresses, and why was it important for you to launch such a line of clothing?


EG: I needed to find a way to fund my passion which is to help underseved girls who are on their own like I was in my teen years. I never imagined that I would link up with Eddy and land an infomercial deal. I guess it’s true, when your intent is to give, God opens the banks to you!



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