Tuchéir Cosmetics Founder Trenese Talks About How Her Vegan Makeup Brand Was Created To Empower Everyday Women With Active Lifestyles & More!



UM: Please share with us what inspired you to create Tuchéir Cosmetics?


As a woman with a busy work life and active lifestyle as a Bodybuilding Competitor, I noticed women over 35 struggled with motivation to workout consistently and many have unrealistic beauty standards fueled by Social Media. Tuchéir Cosmetics is my response to unattainable beauty standards in hopes of encouraging women to embrace their own unique beauty and celebrate their individualism. .


What are a few things that set your cosmetics brand apart from others in the cosmetics industry?

Today’s women have little downtime, so I wanted to create a nontoxic line of products that are convenient, portable and easy to use.  Our products are Vegan and Cruelty-Free and many of the products can be used as standalones or paired with other products in the line. Our Lip Liners can be used as matte lipsticks or used to define the lips prior to lipstick application. Our Microblade eyebrow pens allow women to create real natural 3D hair-like strokes that last up to 24 hours. It’s all about creating very effortlessly easy products for women on the go. 

UM: What are 3 very important beauty tips that you would like to share?



  1. The importance of making both beauty and fitness a priority daily to find balance in order achieve a healthy mind, body and spirit

  2. The importance of using noncarcinogenic products that also enhance natural Beauty

  3. Woman should also try different hues and various shades of products to constantly change their beauty and makeup routines.



UM: Looking into the future, what can we expect from Tuchéir Cosmetics in the next few years?


Later this year we’re moving into eyeshadows that are cream and powder based.  We’ll also be launching our skin care line of products. The goal is to create mini-kits that are inter-changeable products women can combine and use as staples in their makeup bags, while traveling and post-workout.



UM: Who would you like to work with as a celebrity ambassador for your brand, and why?


Essence Atkins as she’s a beautiful spirit and stresses the importance of women being whole beings who are beautiful both in ward and out, she also shares her struggles to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


UM: Where can our readers go to keep up with any updates regarding your brand and/or order products?


Our Instagram and Facebook Pages @tucheir and also our website at www.tucheir.com



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Children’s Author Victoria Allen Talks About Changing The Lives of Kids Through Buddy the Bear!!




UM: For those who may not know, please share with our audience a little bit about your background and what initially inspired you to become an author? 

VA: I am a creative with a business background. I graduated from Winthrop University with a degree in Business Administration. Throughout my years in corporate I always enjoyed volunteering my time with organizations that helped children to dream big and educate them to be successful. My passion is to inspire children to continue learning, be unique and creative. With this passion, educational background, and experiences I created the character, children’s book series, and brand Buddy the Bear. 



UM: Tell Us about Buddy The Bear? 

VA: Buddy the Bear is all about education, imagination, and adventure! Buddy the Bear started out as one children’s book and is now an imaginative children’s book series that continues to evolve. Children are now able to have their own Buddy the Bear to go along with their books. The purpose of Buddy the Bear books are to create an imaginative learning experience for children!


UM: What important lessons will kids learn from Buddy The Bear? 

VA: When you use your imagination, you can go anywhere! Challenges will come. Buddy has one in every story! However, he uses his preparation and imagination to succeed. Kids will learn about bedtime routines, how to help others on the first day of school and more!

UM: What advice would you give to aspiring authors? 


VA: Where do I start? I’ll create a short list. No particular order. 


1.Start writing, keep writing and stay true to who you are! Your audience will love you for that. 

2. It is not easy, but always take time to enjoy your accomplishments and have fun along the way. 

3. Continue to read and educate yourself. 

4. Surround yourself with a passionate team. You are only one person and you can’t be great at everything. We all need support and it is okay. Sometimes I’m tired but a new sketch will come from my illustrator which gives me a boost to get back on my grind. Sometimes I may have a tough day, but my PR calls me about a school that’s excited about their author visit which makes me excited! Start building your team! With the right team, you’ll go far. 

5. Be honest with yourself. Are you putting in the work or not? Nobody can understand and believe in your product more than you! Own it! Love it! Work for it!



UM: Do you have any other projects or events in the works geared towards the youth? 

VA: Yes! Buddy the Bear books will be going into the classrooms and leading guided lessons to promote literacy and creativity to inspire the youth to focus and achieve their dreams.  


UM: Where can our audience go to stay up to date with everything you have coming up? 

VA: Visit buddythebearbooks.com.  Follow Buddy the Bear on Instagram and Facebook @buddythebearbooks and follow Victoria Allen on IG @thecreatorvictoria

Hair Mogul Rashard Marshell Uses Multi-Million Dollar RVM Hair Empire To Give Back!

With 3 upscale mega-salons on the same corner of Wilshire Blvd and 80 employees in Los Angeles, Rashard Marshell, 31, has certainly created a multi-million dollar empire, and he continues to grow and build the integrity of his establishments with exceptional service as the primary focus of his RVM Empire. With RVM Salons, RVM Cutz, & RVM Twists, Rashard has created salon environments where clients feel welcomed and stylists feel appreciated.

All three salons have serviced many notable guests from celebrity actors, musicians, athletes, media, politicians and more. 

A professional stylist for a few years, Rashard used hair as his canvas, bringing a distinctive aesthetic and fresh approach to draw out each client’s unique beauty.

Marshell has used his salons to give back in a major way as he has facilitated annual back to school drives, consistently fed the homeless, given free hair cuts to youth who couldn't afford them, given annual "mommy make overs" to deserving mothers, hosted Halloween parties for kids so that they would have a safe place to trick or treat, spoke to students at various beauty schools, volunteered hair services for troubled teens, held police seminars to raise community awareness, and gave government workers free and discounted hair care services during the government shut down. 

“As a stylist I believe in honesty, patience, creativity, and hard work all functioning together to produce a beautiful end result for my clients,” said Rashard. "Hair is my art and I love the process of transforming someone from start to finish." 

Although Rashard has serviced many big names over the years, what sets him apart, is his belief that everyone deserves to look and feel amazing as well as be treated like a celebrity.  

The RVM Empire which includes RVM Salons, RVM Cutz, and RVM Twists, continues to be the premiere destination for exceptional hair care service in Los Angeles. RVM Salons has also expanded across the United States with a number of traveling hair professionals as well.

DR. Denyse Ray Talks Surviving Work Place Trauma and More!!

After more than two decades as a clinical forensic first responder and private practice practitioner, dedicating her career to helping victims of natural disasters, school shootings, and terroristic attacks remove their emotional mask, Denyse Ray, PhD, BCETS, FAAETS, retooled her skills and now divides her time between training, and consulting writing and research.


In her consultant work, she regularly provides workshops and seminars. Dr. Ray has provided many social service agencies with in-depth direction and understanding as they acquire skills to better serve their communities. Her trauma curriculum continues to be utilized in schools of social work and her “Surviving Work Place Trauma “ training serves as a preventive resource in many work places throughout the United States.


She is the author of “The Pain Didn’t Start Here; Trauma and Violence in the African American Community”. Her current work Mirroring Images; Native Hawaiians Traumatic Journey, and Soul Murder; Emotional Execution scheduled for e–book release  in late spring of 2019.

UM: What initially motivated you to start a career in the social service field and helping others?

A dear friend of mine, who had broken through the corporate glass ceiling, was prominent in her church and community, lived in a mansion with a climate controlled room for her fur collection committed suicide. She left a 3 word note; “Nobody Heard Me”. I was given the assignment to listen and hear better, the quiet of one’s pain


UM: After more than two decades as a clinical forensic first responder and private practice practitioner helping victims of natural disasters, school shootings, and terroristic attacks why did you feel it was necessary to divide your time between training, and consulting writing and research?

Most specifically in the Black community, there was and is not enough factual data to assist my ultimate goal, which is to present cure. The research and subsequent data must be made available to fix the cause of all of the pain. We can no longer afford to mask all of the symptoms that exist; we must provide relief with cure.


UM: Tell us more about your  “Surviving Work Place Trauma “ training and how it may be utilized?

Surviving Workplace Trauma was developed in the early 2000’s after the rise of workplace shootings began to become the norm for solving work place harassment and abuse. I have presented this training nationally and around the world, including Dubai, Africa and Italy.


The training is designed to assist company’s better understanding, that fixing their harassment and abuse issues are much more than a compliance burden. That their employee’s lives are in their hands.

That 2 in 5 workers are attacked, threatened or harassed each year costing:

  • 15.5 billion in medical cost a year

  • 700,000 employees missing 1,750,00 days work a year

  • 46% increased stress levels

The modules cover information and solutions from Understanding Workplace Trauma, Bullying and ultimately Managing Workplace Trauma for Executives


UM: Has becoming an author help to catapult all of your other projects?

I can’t say that becoming an author helped catapult my other projects. What I can say is publishing my work became one of the many tools necessary to deliver the messages of Cure. The writings have benefitted many practitioners of other cultures who would otherwise be completely lost as to how to assist most specifically black folks in navigating this journey of care.


UM: Where can our readers go to keep up with your latest and follow your journey?

We are currently debating a reboot on our mental health tv show called “Not Just the Blues,” we’ll keep you posted on Instagram at @Drdenyseray 


Also the website www.traumaservicesassociates.net

Our next published work Soul Murderer:Emotional Execution is scheduled for release at the end of summer 2019.



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How Romekia Dupre is Building Her Stylishe Beauty Empire While Battling Lupus and Other Health Issues!



UM: For those who may not know, tell us what motivated you to start a career in the hair and beauty industry?

Being a beauty professional is in my DNA. My mom was a hairstylist. I started doing hair for money at the age of 12. I would have lines of people waiting to get their hair done in the projects. 




UM: What do you feel sets your brand apart from others?

I’m not here to make a quick dollar. I’m here for the long haul. I love and believe in my brand. I believe in integrity and I realize that customers don’t need me, I need them. That is what makes me different. 



UM: What are some of the challenges you had to overcome while building your brand?

Starting out was the hardest time ever. Running a business without a degree or mentor. I literally came into this blind, but I had a dream. I made my share of mistakes & took many losses. I also had to deal with health issues. I was diagnosed with Lupus and Fibromyalgia in 2013.



UM:  What advice would you give to someone looking to get started in your industry?

Don’t do anything that’s not your passion. If you live for the hair and beauty industry, then go for it. It’s hard work but very rewarding. You have to do the work. Stay true to who you are, know your worth. Never stop learning, even when you’re the best!

UM: Do you take part in or support any special causes during the month of May?

May is Lupus, mental health awareness and women’s month. I support foundations and attend as many events as I can. These causes are very dear to me because I am a woman that has battled these illnesses.



UM: Do you have anything coming up or new products that you would like to mention?

I’m working on revamping my hair care line, also I am working on Stylishe Beauty Bar 2.0. In addition, I now accept care credit which is a credit card used to pay for medical expenses. This is great because now clients with cancer and alopecia can purchase their hair and custom units with it.


UM: Where can our readers go to keep up with the latest pertaining to your company or for service?


Follow me on IG@Stylishehair
Facebook Stylishe Beauty Bar
Twitter @Stylishehair




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Eddie Roberts Talks GAEMS Upcoming New Release The Guardian and Future Outlook of Gaming!!

The Guardian is here to take gaming to the next level!  GAEMS, the pioneers of gaming on the go, announced the all-new Guardian™ Pro XP, the premier Portable Gaming Environment for pro gamers, serious gamers and content creators delivering the ultimate in performance and portability for console AND for PC.


Check out the article below to find out why you should get your pre-orders in immediately!




UM: For those who may not know, please share with our audience what initially inspired you to get started in the gaming industry?

GAEMS was founded in 2010 by two hardcore gamers whose demanding travel schedule inspired them to create a portable solution to travel with their Xbox and PlayStation. Whether you’re a committed gamer who travels for a living, first year college student wanting an amazing setup for your dorm, or a member of the military, there is no better way to travel with your console gaming equipment.

UM: Tell us about your upcoming release of The Guardian? What can we expect, and when is the official release date?

The Guardian is the most sophisticated piece of hardware that GAEMS has ever created. We have gathered years of feedback about our flagship product, the Vanguard and used that information to create the ultimate portable gaming experience. We made our very first announcement about the Guardian in January of 2019 at the Consumer Electronics Show and just launched our pre order campaign on Indiegogo in mid-April. The campaign concludes mid June and the Guardian will be shipping in July.


UM: What sets The Guardian apart from other gaming accessories?

The Guardian not only provides the ultimate gaming experience but it is a serious tool for content creators and esports athletes. With a 24” 1440p display, GAEMS Dynamic Sound Stage, proprietary media center, accessory mounts and HDMI out, there is nothing on the market that is as powerful and functional as the Guardian.


UM: Do you see a partnership with any professional gamers in the works? Why or Why not?

We have some amazing relationships with not only professional gamers but also a ton of pro athletes in MLB, NBA, and NFL and some seriously talented musicians and comedians. We are also drawn to influencers who already use our product to enhance their gaming experience and use it to help tell their story and connect with their fans.


UM: What is your outtake on the gaming industry over the next few years?

This is an extremely exciting time for the gaming industry. We will be seeing some major announcements this year from Nintendo, Xbox, and Playstation about their next generation hardware and we cannot wait to see how our own newest products will enhance even the most advanced gaming consoles.


UM: Where can our audience go to keep up with the latest and stay up to date with everything?

Your audience can keep up with us on instagram, facebook, and twitter @GAEMS_pge, www.GAEMSpge.com, and our Indiegogo page https://igg.me/at/guardianperks/x/20631576 or simply search GAEMS on Indiegogo


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Vanity LYFE Owner Talks Overcoming Obstacles to Now Living Her Best LYFE!!



UM: For those who may not know, tell us what motivated you to start your own hair company?

After my first successful tax season I knew entrepreneurship was my deal! I was looking for another income. After doing thorough research I stumbled across selling hair extensions! I absolutely love the idea of working for myself. Although there have been mistakes along the way, I can’t imagine my LYFE without my company. The joy of helping others look and feel their best is even more rewarding! 



UM: What are some of the challenges you had to overcome while building your brand?

Some of the challenges faced at first was finding hair and products of high quality Thereafter, it was always my consistency. But the major challenge was getting my LYFE back! I became extremely ill, one surgery after the other. I was deathly ill and even my doctors weren’t hopeful. But my faith and tenacity helped me to over this challenge!! I’ve been overcoming it all ever since!


UM: Looking into the future, what are some of the goals for your hair company?

Looking into the future some of my goals are to add more products for a genre of people. We currently have a product line and it’s going incredibly well. Secondly for years now I have been working on perfecting a great product for medically necessary purposes, before the close of the year it will finally launch! Another goal is currently underway; which is a wholesale program it is one of the most economical I’ve seen thus far! Above all, desire is to educate individuals how to avoid many of the pitfalls that I’ve encountered and still become successful. 



UM: What 3 celebrities or beauty influence would you like to collaborate with in the near future and why?

3 beauty influencers I’d love to work with would be Ericka Dotson, Miko Branch and of course, Instagram Successe, Jessica Dupart! My reason for wanting to work with these ladies is because of their longevity, real life issues and ability to mastermind million dollar empires. I feel it’s not just about the money, but how to sustain and be consistent even in the midst of life altering situation while being in an over saturated market and still know your place! 



UM: What is is something that you learned while building your brand that you wish you knew in the very beginning.

Something I’ve learned that I wish I had known earlier in is the power of consistency! 


UM: Where can our readers go to keep up with the latest pertaining to your company or for service?

can always find us on our social media outlets and our website 
vanitylyfe1 Instagram and Facebook



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Eddie Reynolds Dominates the Security & Surveillance Industry as CEO and President of Iluminar Inc.



UM: For those who may not know, tell us how you got started in the security and surveillance industry?

I ran into a high school friend in the early 1990s, and he spoke to me about a job opportunity within the security industry. I was unfamiliar with the industry at the time and thought that he was referring to security guards. When he mentioned the technology aspect, I became very interested. I later interviewed with Chubb Security Systems, the integration company he worked for, and was hired on as an Account Executive. I haven’t looked back since!


UM: What are the benefits of having a good security and surveillance system in place?

There are almost too many to count! Security systems not only aid in the detection and prosecution of criminals, but they also serve as a crime deterrent. More advanced solutions, such as those equipped with Artificial Intelligence software, can also provide valuable insights for businesses, helping them to run more efficient operations!


UM: Looking into the future, what are some of your goals for iluminar Inc. over the next few years?

As always, our goal is to expand and educate the security industry on the importance of high-quality external illuminators. Without illumination, there is no clear video capture, video analysis or threat detection. We have recently worked on international safe cities projects and hope to continue these types of deployments in the future.

UM: Do you feel that it is harder for women in your industry? Why or Why not?

In the past, women have had to really prove their value and their merit in order to be given a seat at the table. Leadership roles and opportunities were not as readily given to women. However, much progress has been made and many barriers have been eliminated. Today, women are more respected and many hold manager, director and C-suite roles within their companies. I think we are on the right path to encourage greater diversity and equality within the security industry.


UM: What advice would you give to women looking to get into the security and surveillance industry?

Be confident and know your worth, because if you don’t know one else will. Never shy away from leadership positions. If we truly want more diversity in our industry, then we need more women to stand up and embrace roles of influence.


UM: Where can our readers go to keep up with the latest pertaining to your company or for service?

Check out our website: https://www.iluminarinc.com/

LinkedIn: https://gh.linkedin.com/company/iluminar-inc-

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Iluminar_Inc

and Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iluminarinc/


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Louisiana’s Own Chenese Lewis to Host Bronner Bros

International Beauty Show in New Orleans!

UM: Tell us a little bit about your brand, and how did you get your start in the industry?

The vision for my brand was born when I made history by being the first crowned Miss Plus America in 2003. My platform of “positive body image” that I promoted as a monthly pageant obligation became the catalyst for me to become a trailblazer in plus size fashion and body positivity. I decided to pursue a career in entertainment full-time and take my brand to a national level by relocating from Baton Rouge to Los Angeles in 2004. Prior to the social media boom, I was making waves as an advocate though being a visibly plus size person breaking ground as a plus-size model that didn’t fit industry standards, an actress on a hit show, as well as producing events and campaigns that garnered national and international media attention.

My brand’s mission is to empower every person, especially women, to have a healthy body image and self-esteem, which I promote by being a positive role model and influencer, promoting body positivity through my podcast, The Chenese Lewis Show, and by hosting events that celebrate what our society doesn’t deem as the ideal of beauty. Even though I’m working with more mainstream brands and events now, they still embrace and incorporate the message of inclusivity that I promote.


UM: How did you feel when you received the call to host Bronner Brothers International Beauty Show in New Orleans?


I was ecstatic!!! I am truly grateful and honored to have the opportunity to host this legendary event. I’m also excited to be a part of the brand's history as this is the first time the event will be held outside of Atlanta in its 72 years of existence. More than 35,000 people will be in attendance for three exciting days of education, exhibits, competitions, and entertainment. This is a major opportunity for me that I am blessed to have!


UM: What are some things that make New Orleans unique?

The eclectic mixture of cultures, Cajun and Creole cuisine, the people, the architecture, and the rich history makes New Orleans a city unlike any other place.


UM: What are some great food spots that those attending the Bronner Brothers International Beauty Show should check out?

When I travel to New Orleans it’s primarily for work and not pleasure. Having a full schedule when I’m in town doesn’t leave me much time to explore the city and enjoy as much local cuisine as I would like. However, one restaurant I’ve enjoyed on multiple occasions is Mulate’s, it’s a Cajun restaurant that’s close to the convention center.

UM: Do you have any other upcoming projects and where can we go to keep up with your latest?

Always! Next, I will be hosting the New Orleans Natural Hair Expo, July 6th & 7th during the Essence Music Festival weekend as well as the TCFStyle Expo August 9th-11th in Atlanta. More events are pending, to stay up-to-date with everything I’m doing visit my website www.CheneseLewis.com and you can follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook at @CheneseLewis

Glow Beauty Group!

Taking The Beauty Industry By Storm!

UM: Welcome! For our readers who may not know, tell us what inspired the creation of GLOW Beauty Group?


GLOW Beauty Group was created out of passion, especially to bring high quality and affordable hair care and skin care products to market, especially to people of color. We certainly believe our customers deserve to look their best and enjoy an amazing GLOW all the time without worrying about the price of the cosmetics they use. GLOW also was created as a means to address the social injustices within the United States and beyond, and in particular, homelessness. This is why proceeds from every order goes towards alleviating homelessness and poverty.


UM: What would you say makes your brand stand out from others in the beauty industry?


We are a minority-owned hair care and skin care company with a heart and soul. We are in business to create change and give back to the community in major ways. We just don’t talk the talk, but we walk the walk. We take every consumer’s needs and preferences into consideration, and offer a varied selection of products for men and women from all walks of life. We also prepare products that are suitable for all skin tones.


UM: Tell us about some of your top 3 most popular products?

Our top three products are our Hydrating Body Moisturizer, which is an amazing skin care product that one can use on their entire body including face! In fact, this product sold out completely on the first day we launched our website. The 2nd most popular product is our Mane Drops, which is our hair growth serum for men and women that gives you healthy, stronger, and longer hair within weeks if you use our product properly, and is made with all natural ingredients. Our third product, but definitely not least is our GLOW Maintainer with is our own version of edge control. This product has been buzzing on social media and everyone who purchased it absolutely loves it! It is not too oily and greasy also and works fantastic in conjunction with our GLOW Maintainer Brush. 



 UM: Looking into the future, what can we expect from Glow Beauty group over the next few years?


As a dynamic and progressive cosmetics company, we are looking forward to providing even better products at great prices for a greater number of customers. In addition to that, we are also aspiring to be able to contribute more for the welfare of the community by continuing to invest in poverty-stricken communities, particularly including the youth who are living in poverty.



UM: Who would you like to work with as a celebrity ambassador for your brand, and why?


If we had to pick one celebrity ambassador to work with, it would be Oprah Winfrey. Oprah’s drive and vision to live one’s best and most authentic life is like a breath of fresh air that everyone yearns for. Her story, coming from very humble beginnings to being a beloved household name is encouraging and shows us anything is possible with hard work, vision, faith, and believing in yourself. This aligns with our mission to the core and we are so excited to be on this amazing journey to change lives through hair care and skin care. 


UM: Where can our readers go to keep up with the latest and order products?


Readers can visit our website at glowbeautygroup.com to see our ever-growing collection and follow us on all social media platforms @glowbeautygroup. As a bonus for readers, if they enter the coupon code “UNRIVALED” at checkout, they will receive 10% off their entire order! 


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Singer Michon Young releases new album “Love, Life, Experiences Vol 2 Driving To Purpose” and her new single “It’s All About Me” is captivating listeners all over the world!

By: Robin L

Michon has been singing and writing since the age of 12. She’s always known that music is her passion, but it wasn’t until Michon was hand selected by Pastor Marvin L. Winans to sing background for him that she realized her purpose can also be her career. She has traveled extensively singing background for Pastor Winans and was honored to sing a duet with him at the Grand Opening of Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. This ignited a fire in Michon and she decided to pursue her dreams. In 2011 Michon released her debut album “Possessing the Promise” and it garnered international attention! It was ranked number one on many Soul and Jazz charts in the U.S. and abroad, prompting a demand for her performance on various countries.

Michon has opened up for Grammy Award Winner CeCe Winans, renowned Jazz trumpeter TL Williams and many others. Michon’s single “Always Remember” was ranked #1 in the UK’s soul and jazz charts of best independent songs. Currently, many songs from this project still receive frequent airplay in Switzerland, Africa and London! 

UM: We love your music! Where did you get the inspiration for your most recent single “It’s All About Me”?


MY: This track came from a real place and I think many women may be able to relate to the lyrics.  Most women wear multiple hats from mother to employee, wifey to the caregiver, etc, you name it, we do it.  Sometimes you must demand your “It’s All About Me” time. This track speaks to a significant other in respectfully and lovingly expressing her needs.  It’s simply a lyrically gentle and a musically mellow track that’s a reminder to both women and men that quality time is needed and mandatory for successful, healthy relationships.   


UM: When did you discover your gift to sing and write?


MY: I was introduced to music as a small child. My Dad recognized I had a bit of a voice when I was around 11 or 12 years old around the same time I also became fascinated with lyrics. He bought me my first album which was Stevie Wonder’s “Songs in the key of life”.  This album had all the lyrics in it and I learned them ALL verbatim! LOL. I guess I just loved the way artists back then gave you a clear vision of what they sang about. You felt their happiness and joy if their music was upbeat and conversely their pain and sadness if the tracks were just the opposite.  It was musical storytelling for me and I enjoyed how the great musical storytellers e.g. Gladys Knight, Johnny Taylor, Bobby Womack, etc told their stories through song.


UM: What advice can you give to our Unrivaled Magazine readers who may not know what their gift is so they can discover it?


MY: It’s been said many times before but the best advice I can give is to follow your passion.  Typically, that’s where you discover what your true gifts are. What do you thoroughly enjoy doing most? What lights up your heart when you do it? What activities and things do you do that in many ways are effortless and natural?  When you find out what that is, sharpen your gift and take care of it. Nurture it. We often work hard to become experts in our everyday jobs and respective fields but don’t apply the same efforts in becoming experts using our natural talents and gifts. Developing your own training plan in refining your gifts is paramount to your success. Do something every day as best you can to refine and polish your gift. Decide to become an expert in what you love to do and watch your growth soar.  It’s the best feeling in the world.


UM: When did you get your first big break?


MY: My first break professionally happened when Pastor Marvin L.Winans hand-picked me to become his background singer and tour with him.  I learned so much about the business, the importance of practice, band selections, song selections and even soft skills on how to treat the people who work for you.  Pastor Winans is a master at that. As big of a celebrity that he is, he always made sure to treat his people very well. A consummate professional in every sense of the word.  This is where my training began and I use many principles he taught me as a solo artist. I’ll always have a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for him and his teachings.


UM: Your music is not just a hit in the U.S. but internationally including Switzerland, Africa and London and your single “Always Remember” was ranked #1 in the UK’s soul and jazz charts. How does this type of success feel and how hard is it to get to the top?


MY: It’s very surreal to receive emails and Instagram/Facebook inbox messages from individuals in Japan, London, Africa, Switzerland



etc. who appreciate your musical stylings.  I remember the first time I appeared in London and performed at the beautiful Cadogan Hall. I received a standing ovation and I cried on stage. I could not believe that a little girl from Gary, Indiana was singing in another country and people liked me!  I still get emotional from time to time when thinking about that first experience and am humbled by the love and support from my supporters abroad.


UM: What are a few keys to success in that life has taught you through your journey?


MY: 1) Believe, Believe and Believe again!-  Belief and faith in you as cliché-ish as it sounds is imperative to your success. The harsh reality is that everyone is not going to like or appreciate what you do and how you do it.  People may give up on you but don’t YOU give up on you.


2) Don’t make money your sole motivation- As an independent artist, I’ve had to fund all of my projects.  I worked as a Human Resources Professional during the day and pursued music in the evening for YEARS. I would perform for free but always ensured I paid my band members, background singers,etc, took care of travel expenses. You name it, I financially did it. Sacrificing almost everything for the love of music.  You must love what you do and not for what you think it could financially do for you. If you keep pushing and work hard at it, the financial rewards will eventually happen but that can’t be your sole motivation.


UM: What encouraging words can you give our readers who have a big dream but feel fear to pursue it?


MY: I read something once that said and I quote “ If you fail, never give up because F.A.I.L. means “First Attempt In Learning” End is not the end. In fact E.N.D. means “Effort Never Dies”. If you get NO as an answer, remember N.O. means “Next Opportunity”.   In essence, Keep going. Keep believing. Keep pushing. Keep fighting for your GOD-given right to be happy in what you do and how you do it. It is never too late to begin again. I say…Go get it!


UM: Where can I readers go to keep up with your latest projects?


MY: They can go to my website which is www.michonyoung.com and social media IG  @michonyoungmusic and Twitter @michonmusic



Power’s Naturi Naughton Serves as MBIB Celebrity Ambassador During Essence Festival 2018!

By: Robin L

This past weekend, Power’s Naturi Naughton appeared at the Essence Festival in New Orleans and served as MBIB celebrity ambassador. Necole Kane and Kela Walker also joined her for an empowering stage moment on self-love. 


We had a chance to stop by and chat with Naturi at the My Black Is Beautiful booth, which is always a fan favorite at The Convention Center. She talked about her favorite beauty products, what to expect from this new season of Power, and upcoming projects.




Check out what Naturi had to say below:

Host: Robin L.

Filmed/Edited By: Jena Green

Clothing Designer Tra’velis Shares How She Did It!

By: Elvira Guzman

Fashion was her dream when she made clothing for my various dolls in all shapes and sizes. With a BA in Fashion Design & Merchandising, a MBA in Marketing and more than 25 years in the Fashion and Supply Chain Industry, she started her first company in 1997 as a company providing custom sewing services. The company was known for tailored men’s pants, suits. After providing custom services for several years she realized it just wasn’t enough! She had a bigger vision. That’s when “Tra’velis” her self -titled clothing line was created! 


UM: Congratulations on the success of your line! What inspired you to create it?


Thank you so much, to start, I have always had a love for fashion. I used to make clothes for my toy dolls out of old tee shirts. When I started making custom clothing for private clients, it was then that I realized I needed more. In dealing with women of all shapes and sizes over the years, we all had the one thing in common. AGE & PROBLEM AREAS!!!! Those were our biggest enemies. As we get older what never changes regardless is how we desire to look, especially in clothing. All too often some of the most fashionable styles are made for smaller sized women. I felt that no matter how old, how big our tummy, hips, butt etc, we all deserve to still be the center of attention when we walk in a room. “SEXY, CLASSY, YET COMFY”. That is my motto, so everything I make must fit this description.

UM: Was it difficult to make the decision to start?


No not really, knowing how to sew and drape helped me a lot. Once I made it up in my mind to start, there was no stopping me. I had to learn a lot of things though but I moved forward and I make learning a key part of my everyday life. I had to find balance and ways to stay motivated when faced with obstacles.


UM: How have you dealt with obstacles?


The best way for ME to deal with obstacles is to tell myself, this is just a point in time and it won’t last forever. I have to remind myself that nothing worth having is easy. Also think about where I could be in 3, 5, or 10 years as long as I keep going. If I don’t stop, I won’t be asking myself “Hmmm how far would I have gotten if I hadn’t stopped my business 5 years ago? It has happened before and now I vow to never stop again until I retire!!!


UM: What advice would you give to others who would like to begin a fashion line, but are fearful they will fail?


I get questions all the time from people that want their own line. Unfortunately, those people don’t want to learn the business. I always tell people to take time out to learn about the business. It’s not as easy as having styles and a vision, like a lot of people think. You have to know how to bring it to life. Do you have to know how to sew? NO but it sure does help. There are so many steps involved just to bring one design to market and you have to learn or you will fall, lose money and get taken advantage of easily. You have to understand majority if not all of the business. My biggest advice has always been to learn and don’t expect anyone else to do your work for you.


UM: What’s the best part about what you do?    


The best part about what I do is how my clients feel and look in their garments.


UM: What’s next for your line?


Continued growth and exposure, my name in almost every woman’s closet in the US and farther.  Over the years I have changed directions for my line as I learned. I thought my goals were to be in as many specialty boutiques as possible. In speaking with several and thinking about possible demands and requests I realized that is NOT what I want at all. I find so much satisfaction in seeing the joy on my client's faces that I can’t see myself giving that up totally.  To be in 1 or 2 in major cities is enough for me but if not I for sure won’t be mad because I am sure SOMEONE in that city is wearing my name on their backs! ☺

Why the City of St. Martinville Needs a Strong Black Woman as Mayor!

By: Katrelle N.

When most of us hear the term “strong black women” the first thing that comes to mind is our grannies, or our mothers, sisters, aunties, friends, and neighbors. The rest of us might think about Harriett Tubman, Rosa Parks, Mary Kenner, Coretta Scott King, Ida B. Wells, Oprah, and Michelle Obama, among many others. Regardless of who you picture in your mind, you always think about their strength and resilience. You picture them not only holding their families together but also their communities. Black women are the glue and backbones of their families and communities.

Black women have held together families and communities for centuries, so why aren’t there more black women in charge of governmental offices?  Additionally, statistically speaking, the mayor of St. Martinville should be a black woman. There are slightly over 6,000 residents in the town, and almost 63% of those residents are black, and for every 80 men there are 100 women. 

Why would a mayor who doesn’t represent the majority of the population ever be elected to office?  


Who cares more about the children or the elderly than a woman?  It’s the women who births, guides, teaches, loves, and nurtures their children. It’s the women who cares about a child’s education, and 25% of St. Martinville are children under the age of 18. A female mayor would push for more excellence within the school system, while men push for better sports equipment; not to say sports are not important, but the focus has to be divided in order to succeed. Those over 65 years of age make up another almost 16% of the population, and it’s typically the women that takes care of her elderly parents, aunties, cousins, or just neighbors. Again, why isn’t a mayor who is naturally concerned about the youth and elderly in office? 


Small towns don’t have a lot of funding, and a mayor must be creative to ensure needed projects are completed to improve the town. Who, other than a black woman can create a good meal for 20 people on $7? We all know how to shop around and save a few bucks here and there. St. Martinville’s economy is fueled by sugar cane, crawfish (about 22 million lbs come from St. Martin Parish yearly), and tourism. Some tourism was lost due to flooding—nobody wants to visit and have to fear being stuck in a massive flood. Not to negate the work of Mayor Nelson, but he’s had twelve years to fix the drainage systems, and people’s lives depend on a fully-functioning drainage system. Why not elect somebody that cares about basic safety issues? 


Once again, the majority in St. Martinville are black women, so vote for somebody who actually represents the majority. Things may be okay with the current mayor, but is okay ever really good enough?  Twelve years is long enough to get comfortable, and one seems to coast, not thrive, when they are comfortable. “Let’s not just survive, let’s thrive” Says new mayor candidate Melinda “Mel” Narcisse-Mitchell. It’s time to strive for excellence!  It’s time to think about the future of your kids, grandkids, and the many generations to follow. Think about Harriett Tubman and Rosa Parks, and think about what a strong black woman could do for the town of St. Martinville. Black women have done so much for their homes, families, neighbors, and entire communities for centuries. It is time realize that things can and will be better! 


Lastly, having a strong black woman as major will help get community needs addressed and accomplished; however, the mayor can’t fix or improve the entire community singlehandedly. Everyone should take pride in their town and their block, and pitch in to help. It’d be easier to do better and achieve greatness with great leadership in the mayor’s office. That great leadership can be found in a strong black woman!


Cities like New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and of course Atlanta have elected black women as their mayor. Will St. Martinville do the same? Are the citizens of this small historic town ready to exercise their voting rights to bring about a great change? We shall find out this weekend during the runoff between Melinda “Mel” Narcisse-Mitchelle and current mayor Thomas Nelson.

Mel is a native of St. Martinville, married, and mother of 3. She is also a graduate of St. Martinville Senior High and Devry University where she earned a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration. Mel is currently attending Keller’s Graduate School of Management in pursuit of a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. She has been in the governmental field for over 10 years and the educational field for 5 years.


Mel is a Dedicated of volunteer to the following:

African American Museum (Board Member)

American Cancer Society “Relay For Life” Volunteer

House of Love Ministry (Secretary)

St. Martinville Kiwanis Club (Secretary)

United Way “Day of Action” Volunteer  

UM: Why is it important for you as a black woman to run for mayor of St. Martinville, LA.


As a black woman, I believe it is important for me to run for mayor in the City of Saint Martinville because I see myself as part of the solution.  I want to fix what has been broken in our historic city.  We need the diverse perspective of women in government offices.  As anAfrican American female, my life experiences are unique.  I will represent the views and values in government.  

I was born and raised in St Martinville.  I have family and friends residing in St Martinville.  I feel as an African American woman I owe it to my family, neighbors, and community to work toward the potential of this town.  I am compassionate about the people.  All people are important to me and my voice matters. I will use this voice to speak for all people. 

UM: What are your top 3 goals once elected as mayor?


My top three goals once elected for mayor are:


Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy, employing millions of Americans.  My goal is to strengthen and foster small businesses and entrepreneurship to help the citizens of Saint Martinville.  I plan to work with local business owners to encourage investments.  This process will help to build more businesses and create jobs in Saint Martinville.




Building Community Development is the process of people working together to improve the community economically, socially, culturally and environmentally.  My goal is to bring extracurricular activities for youths and elders.  I plan to promote safe and secured neighborhoods for all citizens of Saint Martinville.  A prosperous and sustainable community is only as healthy as its core.   


St Martinville is a small town with lots to offer.  I will encourage local and state agencies to promote Health, Well Being, and Nutrition fairs for our citizens.  My goal is all of us working together to build a prosperous, sustainable, healthy community we can all be proud to call home.  




Good health plays an important role in the lives of all citizens.  My goals are to enforce health safety, build proper drainage and safe roadways for everyone in Saint Martinville.  My plans are to enhance the purification of water for the use of drinking, bathing, and any such thing.  Strategic evacuation routes, shelters, and resources will be a top priority in case of emergencies.


UM: New Orleans and Baton Rouge have elected black women as mayor, do you think a small town such as St. Martinville is ready to do the same? And Why?


       Yes indeed!  St. Martinville is ready and so are the citizens.  As a Black Female, I am bringing compassion, honesty, and integrity to a town in much need of an awakening.  I come from a history of strong, brave, caring, and compassionate black women. I’m not looking to build bigger jails, or suggest to the people, “lets just keep things like they are”.   I want to see citizens build new homes, I want change and I will work for change. As a Black Woman I am a builder.  I build, not destroy. I am not afraid of change, and I am not afraid of facing up to anything getting in the way of the growth of this important town. As a black female, I understand change is going to come.  I understand people change and the needs of people changes.  Most importantly, as a black female, I understand the importance of nurturing something and letting it grow.  It’s called faith and hope for a brighter future.  This is what St Martinville is ready for.  This is what I will bring. Therefore, St Martinville is ready for an African American Female Mayor.  

Business Spotlight Rashida McKnight! Talks About Female Entrepreneurship and More!

By. Robin L.

UM: Tell everyone a little bit about your background, and how did you get your start in business?


    My name is Rashida McKnight. I am a native of Baton Rouge, LA. I am a mother of 2. I have obtained several degrees & licenses. My background ranges from Insurance to Program testing to Medical. I initially started off with a home-base company, but decided that I wanted to do more. I decided to open The Glam Store which is a boutique that is geared toward women & offers an array of products from cosmetics to weight loss to at home products that we all love such as home-made bath bombs, soaps etc. I initially started off online but decided to open a store front more on a boutique style. I want to be in business/CEO of my own company and brand to show my kids that working for others is not their only option in life. Entrepreneurship is what's in now especially female entrepreneurship. 

UM: What are some of the biggest challenges you had to overcome and/or still working to overcome as a female entrepreneur?


    I think some of my biggest challenges include that I'm somewhat of an introvert. I can walk in a room speak to everyone, have a seat, play on my phone & never say another word until someone says something to me. Which in business the saying "closed mouths don't get fed" plays a significant role in the success of your business. If no one knows your in business, you can't expect to have customers. Another challenge for me is learning how to accept a no. Being the spoiled individual that I am, when I hear no it's like it's the end of the world lol but in business I'm learning that those no's help mold me to push harder in my business and that all I need is one yes which tends to make me forget about those 100 no's that came before that yes. 


UM: Where do you see your business in the next 5 years?


    In five years, all I want is to have a successful brand that is known & loved by the individuals that use my products & services. 


UM: What is the biggest goal that you hope to accomplish this year? 


    My biggest goal this year is geared toward branding myself & my business. I plan on traveling & networking this year to get my brand out there.


UM: Do you have any upcoming projects or events that everyone should be on the lookout for?


    Yes, I do! I will be adding an awesome service to the store this Summer & I will also be coming out with my own line of a few products! 


UM: Congrats! Where can everyone follow you and your business?


  IG: theglamstore_br     Website: http://www.theglamstore.org/

Singer Audra Bryant Talks Music and Self-Love!

By. Robin L.

Her time in L.A. has been life changing to say the least. Audra has been featured on several Jazz projects including: "Goin Up" by  513 Elevators, "The House of Urban Grooves" (aka T.H.U.G. Jazz), "Def Jazz" and "No Time to Waste" by Detroit Jazz artist Dee Brown. Also, her first solo project entitled, "The Introduction" has been released and can be found on iTunes and Amazon. From Music to TV production Audra began working as a Producer for several network TV shows including: "America's Got Talent", "Steve Harvey's Big Time", and "The Tom Joyner Show" as well as shows on BET and GSN. Audra then took her creativity to the stage as the writer and producer of her first play entitled, “The Cage” in September 2011. “The Cage” debuted at the Stella Adler Theatre to several sold out shows. Through the victories and the times of challenge, Audra believes that we all have a purpose that is inextricably linked to one another so her desire is to create Music, Films, TV show, and Plays that will encourage others in their journey and make them smile along the way!

Her time in L.A. has been life changing to say the least. Audra has been featured on several Jazz projects including: "Goin Up" by  513 Elevators, "The House of Urban Grooves" (aka T.H.U.G. Jazz), "Def Jazz" and "No Time to Waste" by Detroit Jazz artist Dee Brown. Also, her first solo project entitled, "The Introduction" has been released and can be found on iTunes and Amazon. From Music to TV production Audra began working as a Producer for several network TV shows including: "America's Got Talent", "Steve Harvey's Big Time", and "The Tom Joyner Show" as well as shows on BET and GSN. Audra then took her creativity to the stage as the writer and producer of her first play entitled, “The Cage” in September 2011. “The Cage” debuted at the Stella Adler Theatre to several sold out shows. Through the victories and the times of challenge, Audra believes that we all have a purpose that is inextricably linked to one another so her desire is to create Music, Films, TV show, and Plays that will encourage others in their journey and make them smile along the way!

UM: Welcome Audra! Let’s start off with you telling us a little bit about your single “Scars.”


It is now available on Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. I wrote the song and it was produced by Willie Bailey.


UM: What is the inspiration behind this particular single?


I was burned when I was a little over a year old. I had six surgeries between the ages of 2 and 16, I didn’t look at myself change in the mirror until I was 25 and this is the first time I had the strength to write about that experience.”

UM: Who has been apart of your support system in dealing with your personal struggles?


My Mom and my friends have been encouraging through this process. My Mom especially has seen the inner battle that I went through from when I was 10 years old crying on her lap about no man ever wanting to marry me because of my scars. She has always encouraged me to accept myself.

UM: What advice would you give someone who may have experienced something similar in dealing with self-love?


There is no easy way to develop self-love. It's a conscious choice that over time becomes an unconscious habit. The thing is that you have to accept yourself as you are in the now moment (not an “If I do this” or “When I do that” I will accept myself) it's seeing your own beauty and brilliance as it is displayed now. Then when you have that foundation of self-acceptance then you can add more discipline in whatever area you desire.


UM: What is something really unique about you that many people do not know?


I am a great great Aunt. My oldest sister 72. Most of my nieces and nephews are older than me. Let’s just say my Daddy wasn’t playing around! Lol!


UM: Do you have any other upcoming projects that we should be on the lookout for?


I am currently planning a tour and developing a web series.


UM: Where can our readers go to keep up with all your latest?


My EP is now available on Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.


On social media I can be found at:

Instagram @AudraABryant

Twitter @AudraABryant


My website is: www.AudraBryant.com


Thank you for chatting with Unrivaled Magazine!

Hip Hop Artist Fque Catchems Taking The Rap Game by Storm!

By. Robin L.

Fque Catchems is a hip-hop artist from Atlanta who is mainly known for his lyricism. Fque Catchems (pronounced few) means warrior king and victory. He chose this name because it best represents his philosophy towards life and his approach towards the music industry. He was born in Youngstown, Ohio surrounded by poverty and drug addicts.. So at two years old, his mother moved him to Atlanta, GA. This is where he wrote his first rhyme as a means to enter a school talent competition. Once he was onstage and felt the power of the crowd, he knew music would be his destiny. 


Fast forward to the present. Fque Catchems has made the transition to a full-time musician, and has found critical success. He recently won a freestyle competition sponsored by Atlanta’s local radio station (Hot 107.9) and was flown out to Los Angeles, CA by 300 ENT courtesy of CEO Kevin Liles. During the trip he performed at a showcase for heavy hitters in the industry such as Big Boi, Sway Calloway, Smack White, and Russell Simmons to name a few.


Fque Catchems recently sat down with Unrivaled Magazine to discuss his musical influences, how he made the transition into a full-time artist, and upcoming projects. He also shared very exciting news about something major that he has in the works. Take a look below!

Celebrity Barber “JayBee” Bivins Shares His Secrets To Success!

Chicago has been classified as an alpha world city for its worldwide economic and cultural influence. It is the largest city in the state of Illinois, the largest in the Midwest, and with a population of nearly 3 million people located almost entirely in Cook County, the “Windy City” is the third-most populous city in the United States.

With stats like this, one would expect nothing less when it comes to the world of high fashion and personal grooming which is where John “JayBee” Bivins comes in.  “JayBee” Bivins has become Chicago’s Premier Master Barber and Grooming Consultant to the stars. 

Over the span of the last 13 years, JayBee has had the opportunity to have his grooming tools grace the crowns of heads that most Barbers only dream of. As one of only a few Union Barbers in the state of Illinois, JayBee has served as the personal Barber to Grammy Award winning R&B singer R. Kelly, served as the Key Barber Consultant for BET news coverage during the 2008 Presidential Election as well as the Judge Mathis Television Show.  JayBee also provided barbering services during several press junkets including Dave E. Talbert’s “First Sunday”, “Brooklyn's Finest” with Wesley Snipes, “Of Boys and Men,” starring Angela Basset and Robert Townsend and more recently, Michael Bay’s, “Transformers 3,” starring Shia LaBeouf. 

In addition to his stage and film credits, JayBee has served as the official Team Barber for the NFL’s Chicago Bears franchise since 2006. 

Throughout the years, JayBee has added numerous credits to his accomplished career which include: HBO, BET, VH1, ESPN, several comedy tours and countless television commercials. 

UM: Wecome JayBee! Tell everyone a little bit about your background, and how did you get your start as a very successful celebrity barber? 


 I'm John "JayBee" Bivins.  I am a Professional Barber and Entrepreneur. My original background is in retail/restaurant management. I ran top volume full service restaurants and Footlocker shoe stores in Chicago before I branched out due to needing a career and life change. I decided to become a professional barber, and my own boss using all the professional management training that I had in owning and operating 2 barber salon locations in Chicago for 10 years.

UM: What would you say are some of they key components that may have contributed to your success?


I would say consistent hard work and a consistent commitment to growth, development and professionalism.


UM: What would you say is the most rewarding aspect of your career and why?


One of the most rewarding aspects of my career is owning/operating my business and watching it grow as I learned on the job, being very influential in developing others in being professional barbers, as well and seeing my hard work payoff by seeing my work on the Tv and big screen any/everyday of a week. 


UM: Do you have any specific advice for someone that is looking to follow a similar career path as yours? 


Yes, my advice would be to adopt the words hard work, consistency and professionalism. Live it and apply them to your life and career. You will definitely be successful should you do so.

UM: Who are some of the well-known clients that you have been blessed to work with over the years?


5. Some of the most notable clients that have definitely helped shape my career from the beginning to now are Ronreaco Lee, R. Kelly, Judge Mathis, and Robert Townsend. I had these 4 to start my career in TV, video, theatre, and film starting in 2006 until now.  I was thrown into the fire with the best from day 1.

UM: How different is it working with celebrity clients vs non celebrity clients? 


The difference in working with each to me can be timeline and work/project sensitivity, as well as the expectations from Celebrity and non celebrity clients. ‎And oh definitely the paycheck. Lol

UM: Where can everyone go to keep up with all of your latest? Social media/ website etc?


Website: www.celebritybarberjaybee.com

Instagram- @jaybeebivins

Snapchat- @jaybeebivins

Facebook Fan Page- celebritybarberconsultantjaybee

Business Spotlight: Kammie Semien of Kaked by Kammie!

Kammie Semien is Louisiana Licensed Makeup Artist with the State Board of Cosmetology. She have been Professionally licensed for a little over a year now. Kammie began doing makeup about 5 years ago as an aspiring artist and has received her professional training for licensure at Voodoo Makeup Studio under the direction of owner and world renowned MUA/owner of Voodoo Makeup, which was recently picked up by QVC. She specializes in professional makeup application for production, Tv, fashion shows, publication, editorial, bridal makeup. Her goals for 2018 include more collaborations with other professionals, landing editorial shoots, which would give her the opportunity to be seen all over, increasing her clientele not just in her area but beyond. 



UM: Tell everyone a little bit about your background, and how did you get your start in the beauty industry? 


I have been a nurse for the past 11 years. I’ve enjoyed the medical field to the fullest. I started out doing makeup on my cousin who at the time was in high school. Never really taking it too seriously. In my 30’s, I began wearing makeup myself and as I got better others noticed. I later earned a Makeup application permit with the state board of cosmetology in 2016 when I decided this was something I loved and was good at.


UM: What are some of the biggest challenges you had to overcome and/or still working to overcome as a female entrepreneur?


Mentally blocking the negative influences. Also, believing in myself and allowing God to lead and guide my career path. It’s hard as a MUA to stay focused and believe your craft with so many Instagram and other social media MUA’s. I’d say overcoming people is one of my biggest accomplishments.

UM: What has been your most memorable working as a makeup artist?


Being trained by my mentor Aimee Carr of Voodoo Makeup in New Orleans, Lake Charles Fashion week, and Acadiana Fashion Week. 


UM: What advice do you have for any aspiring makeup artists? 

Get educated on the art of makeup. Receive the appropriate credentials to pursue Makeup Artistry, this says you take the art seriously. Don’t stop learning and dedicate your art to God he will always see you thru.


UM: Do you have any upcoming projects or events that everyone should be on the lookout for?


Lake Charles Fashion Week 2018, Acadiana Fashion Week 2018 and a wedding in March.



UM: Where can everyone go to keep up with your latest?


My social media Fb: KakedMakeupArtistrybyKammie and IG: @Kamsemienmua

Business Spotlight: Sherie Thomas “Medical Money Maker”

UM: Tell everyone a little bit about your background, and how did you get started in the healthcare field?

I started my journey in medical coding started at Farmer, Cheatem & Tate, Attorneys at Law in my hometown of Bogalusa, LA . The second employer of my career was Louisiana Medicare, it was a true blessing the organization provided me the opportunity of employment.  During my employment, I obtained my initial designation as a certified professional coder and limitless knowledge and experience.  I became the FIRST certified professional coder at Louisiana Medicare.  At 22 years old, I stepped out on faith leaving a full-time job and became an entrepreneur.  As I continued to grow in my faith and career, I understood Matthew 22:14.  I have been chosen to assist others.  I started Louisiana Healthcare Institute because multiple coders were being denied jobs due to their lack of adequate training.  It was only fitting for me to allow God to use me to be a blessing to others.

UM: Tell everyone a little bit about your background, and how did you get started in the healthcare field?


I started my journey in medical coding started at Farmer, Cheatem & Tate, Attorneys at Law in my hometown of Bogalusa, LA . The second employer of my career was Louisiana Medicare, it was a true blessing the organization provided me the opportunity of employment.  During my employment, I obtained my initial designation as a certified professional coder and limitless knowledge and experience.  I became the FIRST certified professional coder at Louisiana Medicare.  At 22 years old, I stepped out on faith leaving a full-time job and became an entrepreneur.  As I continued to grow in my faith and career, I understood Matthew 22:14.  I have been chosen to assist others.  I started Louisiana Healthcare Institute because multiple coders were being denied jobs due to their lack of adequate training.  It was only fitting for me to allow God to use me to be a blessing to others.


UM: What makes Louisiana Health Care Institute unique?


We are unique because are the ONLY federally registered apprenticeship in medical billing, coding and compliance that allows individuals the opportunity to receive both education and hands on training in the United States



UM: Did you go the traditional route in securing funding to start your business, such as Small Business Loans? Tell us a little bit about the process?


I have been extremely blessed with the favor of God to not obtain any loans or financial support from anyone.   

UM: What advice do you have for someone that is looking to start their own business in the healthcare industry? 


My advice to others is to put God first, love your family and friends, work hard and remember to be a blessing others.


UM: Do you have any upcoming projects or events that everyone should be on the lookout for?


Louisiana Healthcare Institute will be launch mini coding and credentialing camps throughout the upcoming year.  We will be training and coaching individuals and organizations world-wide the art of becoming a medical money maker!

Maria Costa Talks New Comedy Concert Special Shades of Machos and More!

Maria Costa is a groundbreaking and dynamic actress, comedian, and writer whose unique brand of “funny, brilliant, and sexy” humor is making her an influential voice of social relevance on tours, on television, and in film. Maria's roster of hilarious and original characters has critics calling her "the women of a thousand faces." Maria is gearing up to film her New Comedy Concert Special Shades of Machos at the Wilshire Ebell Theater on May 19th, 2018. MUNDOFLIX, the new SVOD (Subscription – Video on Demand) video streaming service signed onto distribute Viva America, a variety special written by and starring Costa. Viva America, which debuted on October 20, 2017, captures the best of this multi-talented comedic dramatist. In addition, MUNDOFLIX will also distribute Costa’s docu-series which will follow her every move while on her national comedy tour.


Maria received her formal training at Wayne State University through the College of Fine Performing and Communications Arts and studied with theater legend Uta Hagan as well as with international mime master Marcel Marceau.


Maria is a strong advocate for empowering minority children through the arts as as a teen she received her early training from a community program. Maria contributes to high risk youth through her arts program, La Bella.

UM: Welcome Maria! For our readers who may not be familiar with your story, please tell everyone how you got your start as a Comedian/Actress?


I began my career working in theater, touring with playwright Ron Milner and mime legend Marcel Marceau. My first job in television was on a show on PBS as a regular on air talent, I was also a writer and producer on the show. When I arrived in LA, I worked on television shows in guest and regular roles, then I was inspired to create my own original work so I wrote and produced a few plays. A musical comedy solo show that I wrote and perform with a cast of 15 or so dancers and Latin musicians called Macho Men and the Women Who Love Them really caught on with the audiences and quickly grew from 100 seat theaters up to 5,000 seats - selling out venues like the Kodak Theater and touring in the U.S. and overseas. ‘Macho Men’ was also filmed as a comedy concert DVD available on Amazon Prime, distributed by Image Entertainment.  I am in rehearsals for the filming of Volume 2 of ‘Macho Men’, Shades of Machos in May at the Wilshire Ebell Theater and recently translated the original ‘Macho Men’ play into a feature film script, so working towards bringing that project to audiences. 


UM: What has been some of the biggest challenges that you have faced as a Latina women in this industry?

Early on in my career many of the roles I was cast in for television were stereotypical in some ways, the girl from the hood with an attitude, the maid, the gang banger – sometimes my characters didn’t have a name, it was like chola number 1, chola number 2… 1-10 , yes that was me. And then one day I looked up and said “I need to take things into my own hands here, I’m a writer, producer… I can create content and get it out there.” So I began writing strong, funny and intelligent leading roles. I also had a lot to say as an artist, I am always observing human behavior and how we interact with each other. My work is not funny just to be funny, it has a message and addresses social issues like women’s empowerment, race and relationships that are not always easy to address unless people are laughing. We live in a time right now that these issues need discussing. In my new show, “Shades of Machos” I address all of these issues and more. 


UM: What advice do you have for someone trying to overcome similar obstacles?


Don’t focus on the obstacles, focus on moving forward. If you are playing a big game in life there will be obstacles. The bigger the game, the bigger the obstacles.  If it were easy everyone would be doing it. Acknowledge yourself for having the courage to step out and go for it. Know that there will be people who will not understand what it is that you are trying to do, or care to understand or will even put obstacles in your way. If failure happens, don’t stop. There will be failure but what is key is not to let it stop you. Get the lesson and keep it moving, then apply it to what you learned to further executing what you are up to.  It is important for you first to know and have an understanding of your value and what you have to offer to the world. At the end of the day that is what matters the most. What you believe about yourself and what you can do. It is also so import to do good work, great work, commit to excellence in everything you do with your work. I also think we as artist must identify what it is that we are doing that is bigger than us. What is your message, how will you use your platform to elevate people and to contribute to people. If it is just about you, it is easy to get caught in the trap of people pleasing verses staying committed to the work and your purpose for being here. Focus on your vision and take actions everyday that move you closer to making the vision a reality. We live in a time that artists can create content and reach the audience directly. Find your voice, bring your voice to the audience and build your value. Also, connect and partner with people who share your vision and who see your value. 


UM: How did the partnership with MUNDOFLIX come about?

I heard that Mundoflix was a new platform for Latin content and I had a variety special called Viva America that was filmed under my production company and funded by the Kresge Foundation. So we reached out to the head of development at Mundoflix who was already familiar with my work and saw the project previously. He thought it was a great idea to distribute Viva on Mundoflix. A docudrama that documents the making of my new comedy concert, “Shades of Machos” and tours is also being filmed.


UM: What can we expect from your upcoming comedy concert special “Shades of Machos?”


I called the show “Shades of Machos” because of the subject matter and because in this show I talk about what machismo looks like in the Latino, Black and White communities verses my last show which focused on Latin machos. I’m taking on a number of new topics considering there is so much happening in our country and in the world today. I also address race issues like Black Men being a target as well as Latino families being separated, and my own background growing up as a mixed race women as Cuban/Hungarian women as that was a interesting experience for me and full of comedic moments to pull from. My grandmother who is Hungarian helped raise me and was in denial that I was anything other than Hungarian, even through I am darker skinned. One time when I was little I said grandma, someone called me the N word and she was like “what are they blind you are not Black, you are Hungarian, just Hungarian after spending a lot of time on the beach in Aruba.” So I use comedy to tackle the topics that can seem serious at first.  I of coarse talk about women’s issues from my perspective as a career women who was raised in a traditional family and what feminism looks like for me. I’m modern but yet domestic women in many ways as well.  


Also, we have Latin music and dance through out the show. I am excited that Bachata, Reggaetón sensation, Toby Love is coming in from New York with his dancers to perform. He is Billboard Music Award Winner and will be singing his biggest hits like “Tengo Un Amore” in the show. It’s really going to be an amazing night. 


UM: Where can our readers go to keep up with the latest projects and releases?

They can go to my website mariacosta.com. Be sure to sign the email list to get updates on projects directly. 


If they would like to buy tickets to the “Shades of Machos” show they can visit the tour page on my site at: https://www.mariacosta.com/


They can also connect with me on social media: Instagram: drealmariacosta

Facebook TheRealMariaCosta


Thanks you for chatting with Unrivaled Magazine! 

Business Spotlight: Dannielle S. Lewis “Bankable Diva”

This week’s Business Spotlight feature is Dannielle S. Lewis “Bankable Diva” is a wife, mother, and a Kingdom Building serial entrepreneur. She is the owner of Bankable Diva Ent., where she specializes in coaching women through the steps of taking their current income, ideas, hobbies, and stagnant businesses and turning them in to bankable businesses; while learning to budget better and build generational wealth. She has coached and empowered many women through her sessions, speeches, and published book “The Business Source, Guide for the New Business Woman”. Her pure knowledge of business comes directly from Southern University A&M College and her experience of 13 years in the entrepreneurial industry. She is always quoting “There are two things that happen in Business…

1. Meltdowns will come and 2. It will always be worth it.” Her mission is to empower women to build the life the never want to take a break from.  

UM: Welcome Dannielle! Let’s start off with you telling us a little bit about your new book “The Business Source, Guide for the New Business Woman?”


Well, The Business Source is a true resource guide for women of all ages, who are looking to join in the womenpreneur movement. It’s essential information that’s needed for startups or just for that woman who has an idea but doesn’t know how to get started. It focuses on personal evaluations, industry/competition/customer research, branding, finding your perfect dream team, and much more...


UM: Where did the inspiration to write this amazing book come from?


I read an alarming statistic about women in business that stated there are 219,000 businesses started every month by women and 80% of those businesses fail within the first 18 months. Then I began to think about my journey as an entrepreneur and realized I once was that woman who had several businesses fail. It wasn’t because I wasn’t talented enough or my idea wasn’t good enough. I failed because I didn’t have a step by step system to help me start up and get to the growth phase. I then began writing the things I wish I would have know in the beginning phases of my entrepreneurial journey.

UM: What has been some of your greatest challenges as a serial entrepreneur?


Being able to balance work and life. I enjoy being super-mom, super-businesswoman, and super-wife. OMG, it’s so tiring sometimes. I’m learning to be better at it, and schedule things. I am also starting to tie both together, so one doesn’t feel more overwhelming than the other. I tend to bring my kids and husband to my events, so I can spend more time with them and they can see me in action.


UM: What advice do you have for women that are thinking about taking a leap of faith to start a business?

Always keep a positive mindset and pray constantly… I can tell you secrets for sales, finance, and other business things. However, it’s most important for you to stay positive and have a persistent prayer life. There will be times you may want to punch a hole in the wall, and then there will be times you will pop a bottle of champagne. Either way always stay in a positive state of mind and know He’s heading your journey. You just relax, DO THE WORK, but let him connect the dots.


UM: What do you think it was that you did differently from others, that has played a major role in your success today?


I stayed the course but adjusted the route …. A lot of business owners tend to give up when it gets hard. I get the reason for doing so because it can be a lot to deal with, but instead of giving up find another route to finish the course. That’s honestly what I always did and still do. When doors wouldn’t open for me, I kept my focus on the ultimate goal, but adjusted how I was going to get there.


Right now, I can truly say it’s definitely working.


UM: Do you have any upcoming events or projects that you would like us to be on the lookout for?


Yes, I have quite a few things coming up… I have a 5-city book tour beginning the last week of February (New Orleans and Baton Rouge, La. Jackson, Ms Atlanta, Ga. Dallas, Tx.) Keep an eye out for the Boss and Brunch Tour, and the Money Moves Workshops. Always look at my events tab on my website for any in between events.


UM: Where could our audience go to keep up with the latest endeavors or to purchase your book?


You can definitely follow me on social media:

Instagram: @bankable_diva

Facebook: @bankabledivas

Twitter: @bankablediva

Website: www.bankablediva.com

Youtube: Bankable Diva Channel


To purchase a book just type in:





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Larry Morrow Talks Annual All Black Birthday Affair And More!!


Larry Morrow Events is quickly becoming one of the hottest event production, and nightlife movements in the industry. 

Larry Morrow, the founder of LME is a 25 year old native of New Orleans who has aspirations to make a major impact in the local economy and beyond. In the infancy of his event production career of only 2 and a half years, LME is the most reputable party promotion company in New Orleans. However, LME isn't looking to just throw parties, the company is taking its resources and, business savvy and creating ways to stem positive change in the community through philanthropic themed events.



UM: Welcome! For those who may not be familiar with your background, please briefly share how you got your start in the entertainment industry.  


LM: Well, essentially it all started a few years back when I decided to throw a birthday party for myself, and the outcome was amazing. Hundreds of my friends came out to celebrate with me, and I made a couple thousand dollars in the process. That night I saw how I could basically monetize social events, and I decided to turn into a business, Larry Morrow Events.


UM: We were invited to cover your last birthday party, and it was out of this world! What can we expected this upcoming year?


LM:  Well first of all thanks for coming out last year. A lot of people shared how much fun they had last year, and how we set a standard with the talent, the environment, and a really dope, sexy crowd. This year we’re raising the bar. First off, my real good friend Angela Yee, from the Breakfast Club, is celebrating with me. So it’s the Annual Larry Morrow and Angela Yee All Black Affair. That’s major, we have another star studded line up with Lil Kim, DJ Envy, Kenny Burns, some surprise performances, and a few friends that will pop up like last year. We are really focusing on the experience this year so we are encouraging folks to dressed in all black, sexy, and be ready to party with the elite.

UM: You have also founded a platform to give back to the community. Tell us more about “Hope for 2Morrow, and some of other organizations you’ve partnered with in the past.

LM:  Yea, Paying it forward is a major part of what my company is built upon. Hope for 2Morrow is the charitable division of my company. Our mission is to curate events, and initiatives to give hope to community that often lacks it. A few projects we have worked on recently include: The “Flood the Love” concert to benefit flood victims of Southeast Louisiana. Our friends Curren$y, PJ Morton, Ambre Perkins, Kourtney Heart, The Brass-a-Holics, and more performed to help raise funds through the United Way and help our neighbors in Louisiana. The Hope for 2Morrow Gala is an annual social to raise funds for a local non-profit geared toward giving hope in our community. Last year we helped “Blessed 26” a local mentoring organization that is helping boys become young men. And in December 2016 we hosted the first annual “Merry Morrow Christmas”, where we identified 3 less fortunate families through the United Way and partnered with my guy Tyreke Evans from the Pelicans, and former Saint Keenan Lewis to purchase all the gifts on their wish list for Christmas.


UM: That's truly amazing! You also have a new book titled “All BETS ON ME” coming out soon. Tell us what inspired you to write this book?


LM:  I am super excited about this project, the book is simply my contribution to people out there that have a dream, or a vision to be successful. It’s an account of my ups and downs, and how a the end of the day the best investment you can make, is an investment in yourself. It talks about how I went from losing my money in the Casino, and betting on the dice, to making money in the Casino as a business man and betting it all on me. 


UM: Very Inspiring! What advice would you have for someone looking to follow in your footstep?


LM:  Surround yourself with positive, likeminded people that will contribute to your growth. Study those that have a been successful in the field that you are interested in. Don’t quit, don’t take no for an answer, and lastly don’t burn bridges, build solid relationships because those relationships are often more valuable than money.


UM:  What other upcoming projects or major events do you have coming up for 2017?


LM:  Well we are kick the year off with a bang, with the All Black Affair on the 13th, so readers make sure you grab your tickets asap. Then we have All-Star Weekend, which is gonna be huge, followed by Mardi Gras…so keep up with us.


UM: Where should everyone go to keep up with all your current and upcoming project? Please list all social media and any webites.


LM: you can find everything that going on at www.larrymorrowevents.com


Thank you for chatting with Unrivaled Magazine! We wish you all the best!

Jennifer Lee-Harrison Talks Growing the Perfect Hair Collection Empire !!

Jennifer Lee-Harrison Talks Growing the Perfect Hair Collection Empire

The PH Collection brand is the vision of CEO Jennifer Lee-Harrison, a strategic marketing professional with a passion for people and a vision to deliver the highest quality products and customer service. Jennifer has invested 15 years of her career in several demanding industries – Fashion, Hospitality and Telecom. She’s had the privilege to launch and manage successful marketing initiatives for well-known lifestyle fashion brands such as Sweetface Fashions by Jennifer Lopez and Tommy Hilfiger. These lifestyle brands developed and shaped Jennifer’s strategic business approach.

Although Jennifer’s professional experience was critical to her professional development, nothing could have been a more rigorous training platform other than her recent completion of her MBA at Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland, College Park. Immediately after successfully earning her MBA, Jennifer started to develop a strategic brand development and marketing plan for PH Collection. 



UM: Welcome Jennifer! It’s great to catch up with you again. Let’s get started with you telling everyone a little bit about your background in business, and what made you want to start your own hair company? 

JLH: I have just over 18 years of Brand Development and Marketing experience within the Corporate sector. After attending grad school, I decided to take all of my brand development experience to create a brand that represented ME! On my exit out of corporate America, I sat down with Steve Harvey (the personality I managed for the brand I worked for at the time) to let him know I was resigning from my Executive role to pursue my dreams. He inquired more into what that meant, after explaining in grueling detail about my hair business. He stated, how about we partner in the hair business together? Not wanting to seem to excited but that is when my business dreams changed to a fantasy…it was nothing I expected or was asking for when I met with Steve. I was only there to let him know I wouldn’t be his point of contact moving forward. WHAT a WOW moment. 


UM: Tell us more about your partnership with Steve Harvey? 

JLH: In 2012, we fused my brand development skills with Steve Harvey Media machine to launch Perfect Hair Collection. Steve Harvey and I are determined to build a multi-million-dollar brand that provides the highest of quality with affordable prices BUT most important with textures that match multi-cultural women’s hair types. We are on the right track to making that happen. In fact, we grossed 7-figures in the first year of business. 


UM: There are many different hair companies out today, why do you think your company stands out in such a highly competitive market? 

JLH: Yes, I totally agree. There is market confusion as to what’s the best hair extensions. So we have intentionally focused on Brazilian hair extension until we recently found that Filipino hair textures are just as consistent and it has a higher quality of hair than all textures we have tested. We look for high density because it’s the strongest quality of hair to handle longer term wear and tear. 

UM: What’s are some of the most important things a customer should look for when purchasing hair extensions? 


JLH: 1. TIP 1 - I have a pet peeve about hair texture, so I will always suggest that you select hair textures that match your natural hair. If you want hair texture that doesn’t match, then use a closure or go with a wig. 


2. TIP 2 - Your hair should be a compliment to your personality…So don’t go with trend go what looks best on you! That means your hairstyle, hair texture and hair color should UPGRADE you! 


3. TIP 3 – If you want to color your hair, do not select hair that has already been colored. Be sure to purchase unprocessed hair to achieve the best results when dying hair extensions. 


4. TIP 4 – Make sure the hair is dense to the ends; buying hair that you have to trim 2-3 inches off because you can see straight through it is a waste of money! 


UM: Out of the different types of hair and products your company offers, which would you say are the most popular and why? 


JLH: PHC customers love 

1. Brazilian Loose Wave – it has amazing bounce, is very flexible and can be worn curly or sleek straight. 


2. Brazilian Yaki Straight – This texture blends perfectly with women whose hair is medium coarse and prefer to wear their hair straight. It’s amazing and looks SO natural. 


3. Filipino Ocean Wave – Hands the best hair we offer. 


UM: What tips do you have for branding any business successfully? 


JLH: 1. Consistency – Develop your brand essence, which means color, font type, how you describe your brand should remain consistent. You can never build brand awareness if you are changing core elements of your business too often. 


2. Price properly – Price wars never work. So price your product or service to align properly with what your product/service offers. However, evaluate your competitor prices to ensure you are aligning with the market. 


3. Be flexible and balanced – never be so committed to an idea that you can’t hear your customers telling you things that need to change. Listen to your customers and adjust your brand accordingly…BUT not hasty with CHANGES! 


UM: Do you have new product releases or upcoming events that we should be on the lookout for? 


JLH: Perfect Hair Collection’s Newest Release is our Filipino Hair Extension Line. We feel very strongly that this texture will change the game. Additionally, we are expanding our Distributor and Consultant program. We really want to build a program that will strengthen entrepreneurial minded professionals to come on this amazing journey to capture market share. Lastly, we are partnering with salon owners to host POP UP SHOP shopping experiences in major markets. Salons will invite their customers and PHC will create the party experience for shopping and networking. We are super excited about this Tour that will officially launch in the Fall.



UM: Where can everyone go to keep up with your latest? 


JLH: I am the exclusive hair and beauty expert featured on Steve Harvey nationally syndicated radio show - several times a month; Plus, with the success on the radio show it has opened the door to the upcoming Fall season to be present more often on the Steve Harvey TV Talk Show! I will focus on providing women with tips on how to be their better selves by enhancing their look head to toe… I AM THE DO IT YOURSELF QUEEN! Of course, you can keep up with Perfect Hair Collection on social media. 


Facebook: Perfect Hair Collection 

Twitter: Perfect Hair 

Instagram: Perfect Hair Collection 


Be sure to check out full interview in the upcoming printed September issue of Unrivaled Magazine!


Photo by - Robert Ector

The Inspiration of Acadiana Fashion Week with Morgan Pete!!

Morgan Pete is  a recent graduate from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette with a major in Biology. While in school, she started a non-profit organization to give back to the community called Sky is NOT the Limit. Recently, Morgan signed a contract with Your Time Publishing and published the book, Nothing Like A Little Bit of Confidence: Living Past Society’s Definition of Beauty. Nothing Like A Little Bit of Confidence was written to help young adults learn the importance of inner confidence and to help them truly understand that it doesn’t matter how they are portrayed by others, but to love themselves for exactly who they are. She has also traveled and modeled in New York Fashion Week, Macy’s Fashion Show, Dillard’s Fashion Show, Raw Los Angeles Fashion Show, New Orleans’ Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week, bySmithNY, Inexchange, Rue 21, Mimosa, and more.


In 2015, Morgan was invited on Q95.5 Radio Station for Women’s International Month and was recently invited by the Southern University program to host an event for the Back To School Summit in 2016. Earlier this year, she did a magazine spread in Southern Tea Magazine; invited on KLFY News Channel for a special event with Michelle Colligan to work with special needs children and adults. She is also a 2017 Miss Louisiana Contestant. She has run 3 model camps in Lafayette, Baton Rouge, and New Orleans, Louisiana and 2 seminars to for the community in Lafayette, LA and Breaux Bridge, LA, which was also featured on KLFY TV 10 News Channel. In October, she was named the entrepreneur of the Quarter in Billboardgang Magazine and featured in Magazine in the Creative Spotlight for Entrepreneurs. In January of 2017, Morgan was asked to have a reward named after her called the Morgan Pete Award which recognizes someone deeply rooted into the community or someone who does a lot of community service and giving back. AMOlso, in January of 2017, Morgan launched Acadiana's very first fashion week called Acadiana Fashion Week.

UM: Welcome Morgan! Let’s start off with you telling us a little bit about what has inspired you to take the path you have taken in Life?


Thank you! Everything that I have been through led me to this. I struggled with my confidence at a young age, so I want to be a voice for the people who’s going through the same thing I went through. That’s what led me to start my non-profit, Sky is NOT the Limit, write the book, Nothing Like A Little Bit of Confidence and start Acadiana Fashion Week. As competitive as the modeling industry is, it actually helped me build confidence in myself.


UM: What were some of the major obstacles you faced when going down the path of entrepreneurship, and how did you overcome them?


I think some major obstacles I’ve dealt with was learning not to be too hard on myself and to understand that not everything will happen right when I want it to. Success doesn’t come over night and there were many times when I felt like I should just give up and let someone else handle it, but at the same time, I’d tell myself “I can do this.” So, I’d put aside all of my emotions and work twice as hard. I was given each vision for a reason and when you’re passionate about something you never let people or anything stop you from making it happen.


UM: Who are 3 people that you would love to work with in the future and why?


I would love to work with Kevin Hart, Zendaya, and Keke Palmer. All three of them motivate me to keep going. They’re hardworking, outspoken and don’t care about fitting in with anyone else. I also love how they use their platform to raise awareness about different issues so for that I’ll always have respect for them.


UM: What would you say is your biggest accomplishment yet, and why?


I think my biggest accomplishment is getting my first book published. I wasn’t expecting a publishing company to be interested in it, but it happened. When I read the press release, it was so amazing reading about it. I’m really an author. Who would have thought?


UM: What made you want to bring Acadiana Fashion to Lafayette, LA?


 I think having a fashion week here is way overdue. We have everything we need to make this a successful event here, now all we need is the support. There are so many talented people right here in our state, but most think that the only way they can get exposure is by going to LA or New York and while those are definitely some big fashion market states, I want people to get the same feeling here in Acadiana.


UM: When will Acadiana Fashion Week take place, and what can we expect to see?


Acadiana Fashion Week will take place in Lafayette, LA from July 26-30. All I can say is get ready for a show without giving too much of it way. It’ll be a great time and definitely something new.


UM: Where can our readers go to keep up with the latest regarding Acadiana Fashion Week and any other upcoming projects you may be working on?


We are working on a blog, but everything will be posted on the

website, www.acadianafashionweek.com and also on our Instagram and Facebook pages, @acadianafashionweek. We hope to see everyone there!


Thank you for chatting with Unrivaled Magazine!

 Elvira Guzman Awakens Other To Pursue Their Purpose


Los Angeles native Elvira Guzman is of Mexican & Filipino descent and is a proud graduate of USC where she studied Law & Politics. She owns a Publicity & Branding company and has been recognized by Sister 2 Sister Magazine, The Source Magazine, Black Enterprise, Telemundo, Fox, Univision and many other media outlets for her work in entertainment.  A few of her clients over the years have been Musiq Soulchild, Roy Jones Jr., LionsGate Films, Metro PCS, CodeBlack Films, Terrence J and many others. Prior to her independent success she worked under comedian, actor, radio host, and author Steve Harvey for 9 years holding various titles including Executive Producer of his radio show and Director of Publicity & Branding for his radio network. She also assisted Steve Harvey in writing “Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man” and since then has helped several celebrities with their books and she released her book “Your Blueprint” in 2013 and “Purpose Awaken and Succeed!” in 2017. Most recently Latina Magazine considered her one of “The Future 15 Latino Entrepreneurs”. On her spare time she goes to local juvenile halls and at risk school to mentor the youth. She also donates her time at Universities and has lectured at USC, UCLA, Loyola Marymount and several other schools, seminars and events.

UM: Welcome Elvira! Let’s start off with you telling us a little bit about your new book Purpose Awaken and Succeed.

EG: My book will help awaken the reader to who they truly are. Once you know why God sent you here everything becomes so much clearer and you’re now able to live a purpose driven life. This is when true joy and success comes because you know you’re now on the right path.


UM: What inspired you to write this book?

EG: I’ve had the ability to have many millionaire mentors who have taught me what’s in books and now it’s my turn to share that information to others! In addition to mentors I’ve also read hundreds of books and what I’ve found to be the most helpful I’ve included in my book to further help the reader succeed!  


UM: What has been your biggest challenge as an author and business mogul?


EG: My biggest challenge has been dealing with self doubt. Typically people

start business in their 30’s and I was just 22 when I started my publicity company Elvie G PR. Authors are usually in their 40’s-60’s and I published my first book at 29. I’ve had to overcome the “I’m not good enough” and “what will people think” thoughts in order to pursue my purpose.


UM: What was the best advice you were given when starting your career, and by whom?

EG: I read the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and that book teaches the reader to start your own business because if you don’t you’ll spend the rest of your life making someone else wealthy! From that moment on I knew that I could no longer be an employee. I started my company months later and I became the fastest growing publicity company in Hollywood! What I know now is age has nothing to do with being successful! It’s the wisdom, knowledge and passion that we have that matters!

UM:What do you think you did differently from others, that has played a major role in your success today?

EG: Having mentors early on has definitely given me a huge advantage! While my college roommates were partying and going to class hung-over I was traveling the world in private planes to major meetings with presidents with my mentor. I made time for school of course because I wanted to get my degrees, but I always knew that I was learning more with my mentor than I ever could at USC. 


UM: You also have your very own show coming out soon, tell us about a little bit about that?

EG: The Elvira Guzman Show is a one-hour talk show designed to uplift, motivate and inspire the viewers to pursue their dreams. The show will air every Tuesday 2PM-3PM on WCOBM TV and everyone can watch it on their smart phones. WCOMB TV is where social media meets TV making their shows accessible to people all over the world online. We are no longer bound by country lines or having to run home to watch a show on TV.  Now we can watch from wherever we’re at. The network has over 7 million viewers and the show streams live to their facebook and youtube pages as well. The second portion of the show will be in Spanish.


UM: Where can our readers go to keep up with the latest and purchase your books?

EG: My IG/Twitter is @elviraguzmanla and my book is available on Amazon and BarnesandNoble.com

Thanks you for chatting with Unrivaled Magazine!