Welcome Priyanka! It’s a great pleasure to have you!


UM: Many of us remember you as one of the most vivacious and outspoken cast members of VH1’s “Sorority Sisters.” Did we see the real Priyanka, or was all the personality more so for TV?

PB: As far as personality, that was the real Priyanka. Although edits made situations look very catty and childish, I am a loyal friend and an outspoken person not catering to society or their beliefs. I have always been comfortable in my own skin never looking for validation from others.


UM:  How was the over all experience with the show, and having to deal with all of the backlash?

PB: The backlash was new to me, especially coming from my sorority. Although I have dealt with scrutiny in the past I have never dealt with it to this severity of death threats.


 UM:  What’s the latest update on your affiliation with the Delta Sigma organization?

PB:  No official updates, but I believe that everything will turn around for the good.


UM:  You are definitely an individual, and were made to stand out. We absolutely love the hair, who’s apart of your glam squad?

PB:  Asisa Lakitty and Dayvid Wilson are my official make up artist and hair stylist.


UM:  Let’s get into your new shoe line. Tell us a little bit about it and what inspired you to create this type of shoe line?

PB:  Standing 5’9 and wearing a size 11 shoe, it was hard for me to find shoes in my size. So when the show was pitched to me I took the opportunity and ran with it. Even though I had long thoughts about the shoeline before the show came along, I thought that the exposure would be the right timing to pitch the shoe idea.


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We were able to chat with Destinee Livings about her new clothing line The Royal Hustle Collection. She is definitely The Queen Hustle with two nominations for The SEA Awards as Internet Hustler of The Year and Magazine of the Year! Destinee started her own magazine (Southern Tea Magazine),her own talkshow (Tea Time Talkshow), and now The Royal Hustle Collection!! Check out her interview as she gives us the exclusive!


Q: Tell us a little bit about your new clothing line The Royal Hustle Collection and what does it consist of?

A: This clothing collection is one of my many passions, just like most women I love fashion and through Royal Hustle Collection I can truly express myself. Any one who knows me can vouch that I always claim the throne, which is so true because I consider myself not only a queen but "the queen" I feel everyone one should consider and present themselves as such. As of now Royal Hustle Collection consist of women and men's apparel. 


Q: What inspired the name behind your brand?

A: I've been working ever since the age of 16, on and off not holding onto one job. I would simply move onto the next with no regard. I always knew money was the motivation, but what I didn't know was that it's way easier to make money doing something you love opposed to just doing something for a paycheck. Once I figured that out all I wanted to do was get money. I'd sell my old things, try and get friends to sell theirs or sell it to me so that I could sell it lol. I'd constantly search for new trends and ideas to stay on top of everything. I am more of a distributor than a consumer. If I see potential that something will sell I'm all over it immediately. My mom used to fuss at me for not staying on a job, so I was determined to show her that I didn't have to be employed at a 9-5 job or on someone else's clock working on their dream, I could create my own. It didn't matter if it was products or a service, if I seen potential in it you could bet I'd have it for sale. All I want to do is give people want they want, and what better way than to express it then through clothing. I had been thinking of the idea for years, but I didn't know what name to go with, then it dawned on me that every time I'd speak to my friend Juliet she'd say "was up queen hustle?" the rest was history. Queen Hustle was the initial name, but Royal Hustle came about because every Queen needs a King and from there the offsprings are heirs to the throne. The release of Prince and Princess hustle is on the way as well by end of March.


Q: Where do you see your brand within the next 5 years?

A: In the next 5 years I just want to see the brand around period! I'd like it to be in department stores, and along side other urban designer wear such as Akoo, 8732,etc. I would love it to just be around period, and as long as I see someone wearing it I'll consider myself blessed. It will continue to grow. I have great ideas and a great designer, so I'm confident we're here to stay.


Q: Where can anyone who would like to get selections from The Royal Hustle collections go to purchase?

A: The website is currently being designed and will be available soon at royalhustlecollection.com  in the meantime items and customer submitted photos can be viewed and ordered via Instagram @royalhustlecollection and can be paid in person or via PayPal.


Q:Do you have any other upcoming events or news that you would like to share with everyone?

A:We will be present at the Rip The Runway Lafayette show Saturday May 9th presented by 

Luv All Fashion and Jliv Music Group at the George Dupuis Recreation Center as well as the after party at the Brass Room. Apparel will be available for sale, so be sure to look for our booth for exclusive gear and incentives!























Instagram: @royalhustlecollection




Elvie G Dresses is the perfect dress for any occasion. A dress with such versatility and fashion sense can fit in to anyone’s wardrobe. Elvira Guzman, successful entrepreneur and creator of Elvie G Dresses got the inspiration for this line through her own journey. Ms Guzman started working in the industry when she was 18 years old. She immediately began working under actor and comedian Steve Harvey. All of the women in his office were expensively dressed and Elvira was not at a position in her life to buy the purses, shoes, dresses they could afford. 

She created this line so that every girl, women intern, executive can afford to look good, feel good and be the best them they can be. Elvira Guzman dedicates time visiting local juvenile halls to speak to the girls and give them hope and inspiration. 

Every time someone purchases an entire collection of Elvie G Dresses one dress is donated to a girl who is being released from juvenile hall so that she can now leave feeling good about herself.

UHC: For those who may not know, tell us how did you get your start in the entertainment industry?


EG: I started as an intern for 100.3 The Beat in Los Angeles and I worked under Kesha Monk. Three months later Steve Harvey took notice in my work ethic and offered me a position at his production company Nu-Opp Inc.


UHC: What do you find most rewarding about what you do?


EG: Teaching others the road that I’ve already walked with other clients. To them it’s scary because they cannot see past their nose, but because I’ve gone down the road before I am able to hold their hand and lead them down the path with confidence and tenacity; and am able to experience their CAREER HIGHS with them.



UHC: So you have helped many celebrities launch successful campaigns and brands, was it any different launching your own?


EG: Yes, extremely different because I am not a celebrity and I do not have an existing fan base that I can tap into. It’s taken a little longer but my plans never fail and I’m confident that my brand in general will end up grossing more than any of my clients combined. I’ve really put a lot of energy into several projects that hopefully in 10 years will materialize nicely for me and my family. Shoes, glasses, bags all will follow to continue to grow the brand via our distribution channels.


UHC: Tell us about the brand Elvie G Dresses, and why was it important for you to launch such a line of clothing?


EG: I needed to find a way to fund my passion which is to help underseved girls who are on their own like I was in my teen years. I never imagined that I would link up with Eddy and land an infomercial deal. I guess it’s true, when your intent is to give, God opens the banks to you!


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